Money Dashboard

I apologise if this counts as advertising or some such but I think it would be a good idea if Curve could work with Money Dashboard so that when you review your account it can properly categorise curve transactions.

Right now if I go to Asda and spend £10 on my curve card, with the curve card set to take payment from one of my bank accounts, it will come up as £10 out of that bank account on Money Dashboard as “untagged” instead of “food” which it should, I can see why it does this because it doesn’t know what it was actaully spent on, to Money Dashboard it just looks like some random online transation.

Therefore my suggestion is for curve to work with Money DashBoard and to create some sort of integration so that it can be properly catogorised each time. This would help myself and other users keep a more effective tab on their spending, I believe aqua credit card have already done this so it should be possible for curve to do the same thing.

Thank you for reading!

Hey @adamjohnbennett3!
Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. I’ll forward your suggestions onto our Head of Product. :sunglasses:

This would be great with other money tracking & categorisation apps too, like Emma (I personally use) or Yolt (a friend uses).

I’m using Wallet by BudgetBakers, and trying to convince them to add more banks, EMIs, and payment processors.