Money Gone after Declined for insufficient funds

Hi so on 7th November was the day i wanted to pay from my plutus account obviously using curve for three transactions so i loaded my card with 3 payments which i have proof of from revolut account 500£ 150£ and 470£.
So first i paid 150£ went fine
Than needed to pay 497.98£ it got declined but money left from plutus account when asked curve support they told me it got declined cuz there were no funds available how come i loaded my account.
470£ went fine aswell

Now asking plutus they have no clue of 497.98£ payment leaving on the statement
Revolut said yes you deposited that money
Curve saying it was declined cuz you had no funds
I m here losing all my money due to this
I have no idea what to do now.
Also anti embarrassing mode kicked in for 497.98£ so my other card was used

Hope i clearlfy most what happened to me.

Your post isnt clear.

You topped up Plutus X3 amounts by Revolut?

You’ve tried to withdraw £497 from Plutus but it’s nowhere to be seen?

My point is loaded three payments

When did payment off 497.98£
It got declined via curve but money still got disappeared from plutus

Also anti embarrassing mode kicked in charged my other card

So i am missing 497.98£

Ok, loaded you mean added funds for simplicity.

The transaction should revert back in either 7 or 30 days.

Yes load added funded top up
So its been 7 days shall i wait 30 days now?

It sounds like a pending authorisation/hold which is max 30 days to be refunded if the merchant doesn’t collect the funds.

Plutus should know this.

Plutus have no idea about it all they want to run back to their partner company and came bk with statement which doesn’t even show that charge missing.

Raise a complaint if the money is missing.

Yes i did raise it n i m
Here aswell for that.
So people should be aware of this happening