Month view


My credit card I use with Curve has issues its statement on the 20th of the month. It could be nice of curve allowed us to choose when the transaction history was stored from (ie which day of the month it resets). The current calendar month doesn’t tally up with this and makes following money spent more difficult.

I don’t know if I explained this properly!

It makes sense what you are saying. But imagine you have multiple credit cards linked to Curve and they all produce statements at different dates, no one date in this case be suitable for all cards.

Curve is not a replacement for your one card, it is a replacement for ALL of your cards. Hence it has its own monthly spend cycle starting on 1st of every month.

Hope this makes sense.

I dont see how custom (user set) start of “month” can ruin something. So, why not if someone wants it.

Sure, it would be a nice feature to have and it absolutely does not ruin anything.