Monzo Premium (Metal)

It’s basically Monzo’s version of Curve Metal have a look for yourselves.

I mean, besides the point of it being UK only, is this an actual feature in a bank that’s worth advertising?

5 cash deposits a month for free

Got some cash you’d rather have sitting in your account? Pay it into your Monzo Premium account at over 27,000 PayPoints in the UK, absolutely free.

Because I mean, every normal bank here offers this service for free. Although it seems many of the features they offer are things we get for free here in most banks.

Yeah it’s a app based bank so they don’t own a physical bank branch network. So they use PayPoint to which they add a £1.00 charge, so pay in £10.00 get £9.00 credited to your account…

I guess it’s kinda worth it if your paying £15.00 pounds a month and you want everything in one place.

I’m UK based and had a quick look, I think the only feature that beats curve is the mobile phone insurance. Monzo cover up to £2,000 compared to Curve’s £800. I’ve raised this many times, in 2020 (almost 2021) £800 is far too low and this needs resolving.


It fascinates me - phone insurance. The preoccupation with it makes me wonder just what people do with their phones :flushed:.

The state you see some of them in !

I’m sure the assumption for many is that there’s an inevitability that their’s will lost, pinched or smashed. Hence the need for the cover.

How about - buy a case and look after it (particularly as so many of us handle our finances on them :scream:).



Welcome! :hugs: That’s a great point as I’ve have always bought a case for my phones and have never written off a phone yet. Is that because of the case or in spite of it? I’m not sure but like all things I prefer to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.

Would I pay for phone insurance? Sure if it was bundled with something else like a packaged account but of course the price and features of the account and the cover itself have to be considered carefully.


Monzo now has customers in the US.

Hence @Nelthorim (also aware of this) pointed out that Premium is UK only.

Ah yes, I see that now.

(Thought I was helping…:smirk:)

Anyone else get highly frustrated by the fact Monzo fans think this is revolutionary and a first of its kind. This mornings Monzo Instagram Post: “it boasts precision-engraved logos, card details on the back…”

Monzo fans: “this. is. amazing. how they manage that?!”

Me: “Here is my Investors card with NO card details on it AT ALL!!” …

It might be if the details on the back are precision engraved. :wink: Now THAT would be something…

HA! Yes, that would and at that point I’d give them that. What would be interesting to know now, is what are Curve going to do to up the game over competition against this? Obviously with Curve you amalgamate all your cards into 1 and can spend from whatever, but the ‘benefits’ associated with the accounts are now weaker…

You win some, you lose some I guess…I don’t think they have an answer for what Monzo is doing as remember Monzo is a bank so can probably negotiate slightly better deals and slighter better wholesale prices.


There’s no doubt Monzo is putting a lot of faith in the metal card and it’s attraction to the core audience.

The fact that, a few months down the line, folk will stop flashing it around to impress their friends and return to phone and smartwatch for paying is currently lost on them.

That’ll test the faithful when they also find the travel insurance is a luxury they’ll hardly use, if at all.

Monzo are on a hiding to nothing with the whole Plus/Premium thing. Profitability lies in customers using them fully as a bank and not as a pre-paid card.


That is one thing of many but let’s concentrate on 1 thing for now. The amount of people that have a Monzo card (:eyes:) and don’t use it for anything much is probably gonna drive Monzo into the ground. Oh well I can’t see that changing now.

They tried to do something of note with their offers portal or something. (Yeah that sunk never to be heard of again.)

I think the only thing that’s keep the lights on is the charge they collect once customers use their card and because of Covid 19 less spending is happening…They are well and truly up sugar honey iced tea creek.

To be honest the current account I was must excited about was Tandem and look what’s happened to them…Real sad.

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It is time Curve starts covering phones that are more than only £800. It affects my decision of buying a new iPhone and/or keep paying for Curve Metal. Now there’s real competition.

I have curve metal and love it… although I don’t regularly damage my phones (last claim was 3 years ago), it’s peace of mind. £800 simply isn’t enough when you consider other packaged accounts are at £1500+ I.e NatWest, Nationwide, Monzo

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Due to Monzo releasing metal I have felt compelled to compare Monzo metal, Revolut Metal and Curve. The end result is I have signed up to Curve metal!

Although I do agree about the value of the phone insurance, my new iPhone 12 is £799 though, so I’m just covered…

Isnt that a big problem for curve as well?

Nope as they can sell your user data, specifically your spending data. Curve knows where and how much you spend. Monzo can’t or doesn’t sell customers user data so it’s not quite the same.

Monzo’s earning stream is not that wide, while Curve does have slightly more options at this current moment in time.