Monzo x AMEX


Already possible to some degree in bank aggregation apps like Yolt and others. In fact, my Tandem card app allows me to see all of my Amex card transactions and balances, as well as most other high street bank accounts and credit cards.

However I expect that Monzo would perhaps use Open Banking or some other more integrated method. As unlike the Tandem app and Yolt, which use your actual login information and “scrape” the transactions from the respective provider. So some kind of Open Banking integration is more secure and would potentially work better.

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RBS app now offers Open Banking access to about 6 other bank’s accounts.

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Yes, and so does Halifax (presumable Lloyds as well then?), Barclays and probably others as well. However, they don’t integrate with credit card providers like Amex though (yet).

It’s nothing new. HSBC’s Connected Money can already aggregate open banking data with Amex, Virgin Money etc …

I can track all my bank account with 1 simple app: outbank
Have been using it for years already, best banking app there is. Even supported credit card access pre PSD2, so they had to code a web scraping interface for that.

Looks good - I was interested when it said it supports 4,000 banks but then it says this is just in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - impressed there’s that number of different banks in just those 3 countries but definitely doesn’t seem to include other countries as far as I can see from trying to search for a few (

I’ve used money dashboard in the UK quite successfully.

I use Emma as an aggregator (UK) - the best I have come across. I would highly recommend it (even if you don’t use my referral link below!)

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Thanks for the mention!

If you guys have any questions about Emma, feel free to ask.

Here’s my link. :wink:

Yep, those are not 4k “banks”. For example, Sparkasse would have a branch in every city and those would count. This is the same with CommerzBank and others.

The good thing about Germany is that they have a protocol called HBCI/FinTS that lets you connect to accounts without issues.

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