More granular notification options in Android

I turned off “App Notifications” so that I don’t get successful transaction notifications. Of course this meant I didn’t get any of the Wirecard related notifications either.

Can there be a tidy up of the notification system (at least on Android)?

  1. Shouldn’t the in app “App Notifications” option just point to the standard Android settings like other apps?

  2. Can the standard Android notification categories be more granular? At the moment there are just 2 options “General” & “Miscellaneous” neither of which tell you anything. I’d like to be able to “hide” successful transactions, but to still see everything else.

So something like:
Important Account Information
Successful Transactions
Unsuccessful Transactions (Declines etc.)

They can be grouped together as well. Google Photos is a reasonable example of this.

That way I can hide the successful transactions, but still be informed about everything else. Many apps take advantage of this level of granularity.