More information about the merchant in the transaction details

Not sure if we are allowed to name other companies here, so please edit my post if we are not, but Revolut shows for the transaction details the location of the merchant as city + google map image.
So then you really know exactly which gas station your card was used, which store you went to etc.
MasterCard supports that data so it shouldn’t be a problem to also show that under transaction details.


Agreed. Monzo offers the same level of detail (address/logo/map) - however, when the transaction goes via Curve, this information is lost (as the underlying card isn’t provided with the original merchant id etc).

An example:
Monzo via Curve at Subway:

  • Merchant name: Subway
  • Logo: Subway
  • No map
  • Address: Online transaction
  • Description: CRV*SUBWAY London GBR

same transaction within Curve:

  • ‘Subway’
  • No other details

Monzo directly at same Subway branch:

  • Merchant name: Subway
  • Logo: Subway
  • Accurate map
  • Address: Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8BW

Yep, it would be great to make this data more visible - really like how Monzo handles this.

The map feature sounds great. However, this could also be confusing for online and recurring transactions, e.g. some Amazon order - because it would store the location of your phone at the moment the transaction was processed.

Also, when your phone is off, this specific feature wouldn’t work.

Monzo’s isn’t done through your phone, it gets the info from the retailer you made the transaction. Many amazon orders come up with Luxembourg as that’s where many payments for amazon are technically processed.

A little odd sometimes, but I prefer this approach as it doesn’t rely on your phone in any way.

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I would like to see the city and country of a transaction within the transaction details the way it is stated within the email receipt. For example “Veikals Alko Market RIGA LVA” and not just “Veikals Alko Market”.

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I can’t believe this still hasn’t been implemented. The app doesn’t give any clue to the location of the transaction. If you select the option to email a receipt, the email will have more information at the bottom, usually saying the location. Why isn’t this shown in the app? When many other bank apps give much more details including a location on a map it seems ridiculous that Curve just to gives a single word (like “Tesco”) as the description.

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I think this would be a nice add on to Curve but I guess there are other major things to implement first.

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The location of the purchase should be forwarded to the underlying card. :point_up:t3:

can we have shop icons to match what we spend so like Tesco with icon next that shows tesco and overs like monzo does?

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i would like to see MCC number


I sure we know what location anyway yeah but would be good have something like monzo does more details trans logos map ect would be cool :slight_smile: