More information on limit activity

if I spent 15K in one transaction 3 months ago, it would be useful to know that it will fall off my 365 day limit in 9 months
At the moment you have to scroll back all your transactions and try and work it out


This would be a really useful addition (and as the data is already there hopefully quite easy to implement?) - for me the most logical location would be as a click through from the limit sliders.

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It will be a good idea to put in the “View your Curve limits” the following fee-free quotas, so people can track these:

  • Unlimited fee-free foreign exchange £500/month*
  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals £200 /month*
    (for example for the Curve Blue)

Agree, the whole limits section is definitely in need of a revamp and this info should be in it too IMHO.


I recently hit my yearly spend limit on Curve. I was not told about me getting close to it, or when I did hit it, I wasn’t told at all. My card just continued getting declined, with no notification or pop up on the app to tell me why. I had to (in standard awful curve support times) wait a day to get a response, and then finally told I’ve hit my limit and that there’s 2 working days till I can actually use my card again and extend my limits! Surely it makes more sense to send me a notification when I’m getting close to my limit, and then have this two working days thing occur within the final 5% (let’s say) of my initial £10,000 limit? Or atleast let me know why my card is being declined?? :man_shrugging:t2:

Unfortunately there seems to be an ever growing list of common sense ideas that seem to be missing


Contact customer support to increase your limit

If you read my post, you’d know I did contact support… :thinking: I’m simply stating that there should be a notification system telling you that you are approaching the end of your limit as a warning. I’m not stupid enough to just sit around moaning on the community without contacting support first! :joy:


I totally agree with you.
Some smart notification or just limits increasing smart ways in your app .

Just say the truth, in the simplest way.

Hi guys - Would it be possible to have a break down of when funds will be available when their respective rolling 30 day and 365 day periods progress?
45,000 of 50000 used for 365 day cycle.
At the end of this month xxx will be released from your spending limit

This information will be useful to plan your spending and to make a decision when when to use your Curve card.