More Metal (and Black) Benefits?

Is there any talk of more features being added to Metal? I love my metal subscription, but it would be great if it had just a couple more benefits? Maybe more curve cash retailers?

I think we need to move to 1% on all/ some select retailers

The current system is clunky (not being able to change retailers etc)


We are all ears for how to improve the Metal offering, that goes for Blue and Black as well. Please do post one idea per topic so it’s easy for people show what’s the most important to them by voting :smile:


I think that people love exclusivity, and there should be a higher level than metal, for people that can afford/are willing to pay more money for some more benefit.
I would call it METAL VIP (but I let your marketing working on it) and it should have one single color that stands out from the crowd whilst saying: “I’m different”
In order to have that card people should:

  • pay 20£/month
  • use Curve METAL VIP for a minimum of three years, like a mobile phone contract, like a subscription… which is perfect in the long term plan because you know that the minute people subscribe on this plan, you have them for 3 years, no matter what

In exchange, a CURVE METAL VIP would have:

  • A metal card that makes people “Show off”
  • 10 choices to make in order to claim the 1% Cashback
  • 2 choices to make in order to receive a 2% Cashback
    (bare in mind that Apple Card will be soon released in the UK and they offer 2% if you pay with Apple Pay and 1% if you pay with the card on ANY purchase)
  • a metal card holder with your awesome logo engraved
  • a dedicated section in the app or (even better) a dedicated app

Basically the idea is you have a loyal user at least for 3 years, guaranteed by the initial conditions to apply and in exchange you offer Special conditions that applies only to this plan

Don’t hesitate to contact me as I will be Happy to give more details about this idea if like it


Just join the Visa programm (Platinum or Infinity)
or the Mastercard World Elite


What Curve need to do is improve the existing Black and Metal offerings so that they are better vfm - not introducing yet another tier.

A UK Apple Card won’t have such generous cash-back due to the EU imposed interchange caps. In America, there are several cards which are actually much more generous than Apple.


It’s just an example to clarify my idea

I do live in the UK and that was just an example to clarity my opinion. I personally like what Curve is doing with the tiers and I would love to see an extra one… of course you may disagree, it’s called freedom of speech, but in my personal opinion, I’d love to see an extra tier and I would be willing to pay for that

Yeah I understand, idea’s are always welcome, its just 3 years could put a lot of folk off. It would be better to do an escalating discount after 12 months for example, say charge £20 but after 12 months it drops £2.5 and 12 months after it goes down another £2.50

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Link your two cards together and get double cashback on some stuff!

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Old article, I work in a phone shop and most people are taking out 3 year contracts to lower the cost of their phone. I do agree though, wouldn’t take a 36 month contract out myself for a mobile and certainly not for a card - circumstances can change a lot in that time and technologies develop


My only bug bearer with my Curve Black is the % and the amount of retailers I can claim from (3). for £9.99 a month, it would be more beneficial for a higher % back each time or more to allow from (6 would be best) … most retailers (and the ones I have selected) that are available I wouldn’t spend £100’s in to get a decent return.

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I think a concierge service would be a nice item for metal card holders


£240 a year, locked in for 3 years so really £820 for 3 years, for a card that offers very very little in benefit,

Dude you’re high or something. Just get a better bank card if you’re looking for exclusivity, or better self-esteem.

As a metal subscriber about to downgrade to blue, Curve really need to up their Metal and Black offerings.

Conciege, Exclusive tickets, Travel upgrades/perks when booking with Curve, Membership of hotel and flight loyalty programmes at a above minimum level, Members only events, cashback across the board on all purchases (can be variable, i’ve no issue with that). credit towards uber/freenow/mytaxi/gett/lyft, preferential exchange rates for curve cash to gift cards for major retailers or membership program points, e.g. transferring curve cash to Club Eurostar points.

They don’t need another tier, they need to improve their current ones.


As an investor I have high hopes for the future of curve.

I agree with some your ideas.

Perhaps the investor card could be mirror finish metal?

Why not include biometric authentication too? It’s available in UK and removes contactless limits.

I like my red metal card, it’s durable and people often remark on it’s unusual appearance; I had an Amex centurion metal many years ago and that had a similar reaction in UK.

But overall, it’s the concept of curve that fits best for me. Sure, travel insurance is a great benefit but not the cash back.

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I can tell you from experience over the last 12 months, the metal card (in particular the red one, as that’s the one I have) is not durable.

Mine is currently delaminating all along the lower edge of it, most pronounced at the side that enters the chip and pin readers.

The red coating is chipped through light use and due to it only being a surface coating, every single scratch is visible.


Credit towards things like Uber and travel is a great idea, we should also getl credit for things like Just Eat and other food outlets too! Oooh could only dream

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I think it would be a more sensible idea to add more benefits to the higher tier but its a good idea and i get where your going with it. I really just want to see more benefits added this year personally.

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However it would have to be for everything, not just booking travel.
Sometimes i need to ring into work sick and i cant bring myself to do it, so if curve could that would be next level elite


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Totally agree with you on this. It took a lot for me to jump from Blue to Black, but I did that simply for the fact Metal offers literally nothing different other than a metal card… I pay £9.99 a month for a restriction of 3 cash back providers and that’s about it! I don’t travel as much as others that use, especially not abroad anyway! I’d go back to blue, but I try and do a lot of self-promoting given the fact I am an investor, so it doesn’t look good if I am sat on the free-tier.

Curve needs to offer more to metal and black 100%!

Unlimited cash back, not restricted, other incentives (country-based; so for me UK) - Uber, UberEATS, free coffee (Costa or Starbucks or something like that) once a month for members, or something a long those lines.

SOMETHING BIG needs to be added. I won’t jump to metal as I don’t spend enough at the 3 choices to claim back more than what I spend on the monthly subscription.