More than a bit fed up now - help functions still don’t work and now curve cash either!

Totally fed up with getting nowhere with support. For months the Help function refuses to work in the App, instead I just get a red message can’t be sent. And also none of the KB articles load. Support are aware of it and say there is a technical issue, but I can’t get any update. Each time I need to contact you I have to do it via email which sometimes results in a loop. And now I’m being told no tickets are available to indicate I have an issue, despite me having lengthy email conversation threads on it :roll_eyes:

Now I’m finding that despite Curve Cash being set to auto spend if balance will cover, it NEVER does - nothing I do will spend the amount I have and there appears to be no way to transfer it out (convenient!)

All this after weeks of trying to get the app to work properly in the first place with issues clearly on the Curve account system end, as I keep being told.

When is this all going to be resolved please as currently I can’t see much point in sticking around?

And please I beg of you, don’t come back to me pandemic this pandemic that, unprecedented demand etc etc as has been hinted in previous support responses. We’ve been in it nearly a year now, this IS our new normal and having lost my job over it I know how difficult things are frankly and don’t need to hear it 11 months down the line.