Morrisons Curve Cash not working?

Is anyone else finding Curve Cash isn’t showing up for them for Morrisons spend? I’ve made purchases at a few different stores now over a couple of weeks but none of them are showing up. All the other retailers seem to track instantly and the Curve Cash gets credited within 24h. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same problem?

Reach out to Support, they will credit all missing cashback

Sorry yes I’m aware they could resolve if I email them each time, I’m trying to get a feel from other forum users as to whether Morrisons as a retailer is broken for everyone.

My BP cash back also never tracks

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Me too. I don’t want to keep asking support to credit Morrison’s Curve Cash, I just want it to work.


Have anyone managed to have Curve’s response or work for them yet? I first shopped at Morrisons and noticed there was no cashback or notification like other retailers of choice such as Sainsbury, ASDA, Lidl.

You may have to contact
To save time, please include purchase date and time, retailer, and copy of receipt for the purchase if you still have it.

I sent message in-app Chat and following up three times but there is no response. Not sure if Curve is on whole company holiday, it has been more than 6 days since I first messaged.

It appears Morrisons isn’t a support merchant but Curve didn’t inform those who have them as their retailers of choice :frowning: A response to explain would be nicer

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