Morrisons Petrol, charged £100 + £56 for petrol?

Anyone had this one before?

Buying petrol at Morrisons yesterday. It pre-charged £100. I fill up with £56 worth of petrol.

Today my curve transaction updates to say £156 (rather than £56 as it should be).

I have raised a dispute, though the confirmation email gives no reference.
I am hoping it is just a display error, but need to wait until my credit card statement updates.


£100 was a pre auth. £56 is actual charge after wards. Making it £156. Your preauthorized amount will be refunded in a week or two. Happens all the time at petrol stations.


Really? It’s never happened before to me, neither at this particular petrol station nor any other.

How it has always worked in my experience, including at this particular petrol station, is the pre-auth amount would show, then would be adjusted to the actual amount in a day or two.

There is always a first time for everything I suppose.

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I get this same issue with Esso. They take the entire reserved £100 , then charge the correct amount of petrol fill and refund the other amount.
I don’t get that mess with BP and Sainsburys or Tesco Petrol stations

The transaction (in curve app) has finally been corrected (after several support conversations, though I don’t know if it corrected itself eventually or support fixed it).

The amount charged to CC was only ever the correct amount.

Timeline (sequence):

Pre-auth £100
Buy petrol for £56
Curve app shows £100
… some time later …
Pre-auth reversed (-£100)
Pre-auth £56
Capture £56
Curve app updates to £156 (wrong)
… some time later …
several support conversations, one explaining the process to me (which I knew already) which suggested it should never have shown as £156.
… some time later …
Credit Card charge £56
… several days later …
5 days later, Curve finally shows correct amount of £56

The issue was that despite the pre-auth having been reversed before the correct charge applied (support showed me the transaction log), the curve app did not reflect that until 5 days later, in fact it incorrectly increased the amount from £100 to £156. It should never have shown £156. Just causes confusion and support requests.

Curve seem to really struggle to handle their own pre-authorisations :frowning:

I’ve a £50 pre-authorisation from an ASDA petrol station that has been in my timeline for a couple of weeks now.

Like you the underlying card has been correct all the time. It’s just the Curve app displaying things wrong.

As you say it causes confusion because you shouldn’t have to keep comparing Curve to the underlying cards.

What I don’t understand is that it’s Curve that’s passing all the information onto the underlying cards, so they’ve got it right in that respect, but for some reason that doesn’t translate correctly to our in app timelines.

I’ve got loads of pre-authorisations in my timeline that should’ve long gone (not just from petrol stations). They’ve long gone from the underlying cards, but they still exist littering my timeline - making all the totals incorrect.

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@thecremlin I suspect mine only got corrected because I was complaining to curve support about it

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I het this all the time with petrol stations, it always sorts itself out after a couple or days. Annoying and, in my opinion, it shouldnt happen, hiwever its nothing to be iverly worried about.

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