Morrisons Supermarket Petrol Pay at Pump not Working

Hi, I was using my Curve card tonight for the first time at a pay at pump Morrisons petrol station and my card didn’t work? It said something like payment cancelled or something similar. I have enough money in the account so don’t understand why? I was using my ‘curve rewards’ though. Is this a Curve issue or mastercard problem? I would love to be able to use it to pay at the pump instead of having to go in everytime. Hopefully someone can help?

The petrol station was :

Morrisons Petrol Station
The Broadway, Bridgwater, TA6 3LN

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This could well be not Curve’s own, but underlying card’s issue.
That’s my answer on similar problem in Revolut Community from July 2018:
I’ve done some research on that and it appears there are two possible obstacles. First is an agreement Revolut has with its payment processor that could ban those specific types of transactions. Quite possible it’s the payment processor who insists on it. Fraud prevention rules as I’ve been told. The other problem is that all automated petrol station owners are allowed to set their own rules of card acceptance. Usually it looks like this: they will allow all major credit and charge cards but only whitelisted debit and prepaid cards (some will also allow any card through an e-wallet like masterpass). I’m yet to find out what is the exact reason for not allowing all debit cards. Maybe it has something to do with the network machine chooses to process the payment.
Anyway - Revolut itself is not in a position to fix that in every aspect as their cards aren’t recognised as credit.

Thanks @poeliev that thread seemed to help. Got in contact with customer support and now all looks good. @Tzar thanks also!