Move money inside Curve with "Curve Send"

It would be very nice to be able to move money inside Curve with “Curve Send”. It would make managing your accounts much easier by moving money to one card or another without having to use the specific app of each bank / card.

Good idea. MBWAY Here in Portugal, which is the most popular card to card transfer system, used to allow transfers between cards in a way the seemed like a loophole. It’s now an explicit function in the app and people love it

There already is a ‘loophole’ to achieve this. Not sure if it is allowed, but I used it once with a small amount to do some Beta testing.

In order to use the loophole you need to get a 2nd mobile number/SIM card (not sure about other countries, but in the Netherlands it is pretty easy to obtain this for free).

  • Add this number to your contacts on your phone;
  • Send money with Curve Send to this number in your contact list;
  • Since the number is no customer of Curve you have to go to the https-website to enter the card details of the card on which you want to receive the money (you will receive a text message on the number to complete the transaction, so that’s why the phone number has to be real and you need to have access to it).

Hadn’t thought of that but in retrospect it’s pretty obvious. I wouldn’t classify that as a loophole tough, I’d say it clearly goes against how the system was designed, no?

The loophole I mentioned with MBWAY involved choosing your own contact/number (the same one registered in your account) as the destination, not multiple numbers