Moved from Beta Black to Blue - was this a wise move?

Hi everyone

I didn’t review the emails earlier this year about the move to a subscription model nor was I aware of this community (until today) even though I’ve enjoyed my Curve card for over 2 years.

I ‘upgraded’ from my beta black to the Curve Blue - was this a wise move or not? Looking at the comments on this forum, I guess not:(

You’ve downgraded and if black was free, no it’s not a wise move.

It depends.

If you’re not interested in any of the legacy or new Black benefits, then there’s no harm done.

I downgraded to Blue as soon as the subscription model changed, as I couldn’t be bothered working out what was what and didn’t want or need any of the extra Black benefits.

I was very unimpressed by being put on an insurance package without explicit consent as well.

At least on Blue you know more or less what you’re getting.