Multicurrency Curve Cash

For those of us not based in the UK, having Curve Cash tied to GBP is inconvenient and wasteful as it many times involves a double FX operation into and out of GBP. I would love to see Curve Cash implemented as multicurrency, where no such FX transactions are needed and everything just stays in the currency it was earned. This would be especially crucial for the planned switch to using Curve Cash for refunds.

So curve need to add every single currency in the world?

No, just those in Europe.

I mean, they already do currency exchange. It’s just a matter of allowing us to set a one-time (or changeable every now and then) option to choose which currency we want our Curve Cash to represent.

So then buying on amazon, Ebay
Hotel outside Europe and canceled
There will still be currency converting

…yes? If you’re buying something in a different currency they will have to convert currencies, that’s obvious.

I don’t understand what’s this to do with this thread related Curve Cash, or what I said.


I don’t understand
I prefer to way for a normal refund on my bank account

Say I receive a refund of 100€. What I would like is for that 100€ to be credited to Curve Cash. I could then, using the planned Curve functionality, put that 100€ back to one of my cards, or I could spend it directly from Curve cash. It’s simple, and there’s no FX involved.


The way it would work with a GBP only Curve Cash is that when I receive the 100€ it automatically gets converted to, say, £90. I would have to do some mental gymnastics to keep knowing how much spending power I have in my Curve Cash, and then when I decide to spend/load back the money, there would be another FX from the £90 to, say, 99€. Much more cumbersome and wasteful too.


Even without refunds in the picture, it’s also quite annoying for cashback too. I currently have 6 GBP in Curve Cash. I have no idea how much that is in EUR, and having to do calculations for it is just cumbersome.

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So then you get a refund from like ebay it converted, and if you buy something again it converted again ?
Intro like USD or HK, yuan, ETC

If I get another refund in another currency, I would still like it not to be converted. So, after the scenario above if I were to receive $30, my Curve Cash would be 100€ + $30. Still no conversion. I could then load the USD to my USD card, the EUR to my EUR card, etc.

Another big advantage of having multicurrency Curve Cash is that once this functionality is in place, implementing multicurrency Curve Send would be a breeze.

Curve send with a forced FX to GBP as I last remember it done was sadly quite unusable for me.

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In a perfect world
Curve will support every single currency

In case you buy something online
Or in a store, then travel or pay a deposit and use the curve card
And get a refund

Then the money are hold in the original currency
And you can spend them or send it to you card
Or convert it intro like

EUR, GBP, DKK; SEK, NOK, BGN, Or what your currency are

Precisely. Now, to be realistic, we cannot hope for every currency to be supported, but if this functionallity was to be implemented for the 26 currencies Curve already supports, it would still be a huge usability improvement when compared to the forced FX to GBP approach.

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It will only withdraw if it can cover the full payment

We’re also building out the functionality to allow you to draw from your Cash balance first when buying something. If there’s enough money to cover the full purchase, it will deduct from your Cash Balance, regardless of what payment card you have selected. Just toggle-on “use automatically” and make use of your Cash without having to think about it

This is a must on a service that offers services in multiple countries. You should at least cover all the currencies for places Curve Card is available!!!

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With refunds coming to Curve Cash, this is more important than before.

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No, why every currency? The domestic currencies of the majority of Curve’s customers should suffice, particularly EUR, GBP and PLN.

Why not all the domestic currencies which are used in countries that Curve sends cards to (accepts customers from)? I would like my refunds (and Curve points) to be in SEK.

What if the original purchase and the underlying card were both in another currency (e.g. EUR)? Surely you wouldn’t want this converted to SEK?