Multiple Support Tickets - Long Wait Times and No Resolutions

To say that I have been with curve for 4 months would be a lie. Mainly because I have had an issue nearly every time I have tried to use their “services”.

First with Samsung Pay Card which would not activate properly or would not get added to my Samsung Pay account. The physical card did not work in most of the places that I used it in. Then the cancellation process was tedious and took 3 weeks to complete.

Then I decided to try again with Curve Metal. The card was sent but wasn’t received. All whilst I was being charged for it. Since I wasn’t making use of the benefits of Curve Metal, I demanded a refund and the refund came through immediately and that was that.

Whilst waiting for my second card, they told me that I would not be charged whilst my card wasn’t activated - and yet I was charged again! No card came through for another 2 weeks so I demanded a refund again which they have claimed will be refunded back into my account in 5-10 days. Almost 12 days on and still no refund.

Third time around, the card arrived - but only because I asked for tracking. The card arrived, but I have not been able to activate it now for about 2 weeks and have had no resolution from my support ticket which is still pending. Having heard from someone called Keira, I responded about half an hour afterwards and I have not had a response for another 6 days.

I have been wholly unimpressed with the service provided by Curve. What exactly is going on over there?

Hey, welcome to the community! Thanks for your feedback on this and I can see how this would be frustrating. Our support team are receiving a lot of messages at this time and there may be some delays with some of their responses. They’re continuously making improvements to the support process to improve reply times so this should get better.

You shouldn’t be charged for any time that you’ve been unable to use your metal card. Please remind our team in your next response to them so that they can look into this for you.

In regards to activating your card, can you double-check that you have a payment card added to your account? If not, this will prevent the card from being activated.

Feel free to drop a DM to @AskCurve on Twitter or Facebook and they might be able to check on this for you.

Still frustrated. 8 days on, no resolution to my issues. 5 days after replying to their email, I have had no response. I have been charged again and I am not receiving the service that I expect. Card still not activated.

Two months worth of charges have been taken out DESPITE the fact that I have had ZERO customer service provision. This is simply not acceptable when I am paying £14.99 per month for this.

One of your colleagues has misled me and assured my that my account had been closed. Today, I was charged £14.99. so who do I speak to about complaining about this? Bearing in mind this STILL has had no resolution, I can only assume that the next steps for me are complaining to either the financial ombudsman or talking to someone within a legal profession.

Hi @youngkuknoh,

Sorry to hear that the support team seems to have missed something when closing your account. I’d recommend following the same process again and reaching out to support at or to the social team again to ask them to double-check this for you.

If this fails or if you’d still like to make a complaint anyway, which would be reasonable given what you’ve described, then you can use this email to send a message to their complaints team:

I hope this has helped and that they can get this put right for you!

support team seems to be almost non-existent. i’m waiting for a proper response for 8 days now. tomorrow i’ll mail to complaints@… thanks for the address