Multiple transactions not showing on app

Hi everyone,

Has anybody else had issues where transactions have taken place between Curve and your nominated credit card which don’t show on the app?

I bought something online over 10 days ago and yesterday I received a notification from Curve saying a refund for the full amount has been issued. I checked with the merchant and they’ve not given any refund. I looked on my credit card recent transactions to see multiple transactions (refunds and payments) starting with CRV (CURVE) overall Curve has over charged by about £30.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?

Hey there,

until now, you’re the only person who reported this issue, could you please contact the customer service. -

They can take a look into your Curve Account and lookup charges/refunds.

All sorted.

Aaron from Curve customer support updated me and this was due to a system error and has been resolved.

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Thanks for letting us know.