My Android App has stated to ask me for a Passcode

My Android app is asking for a 4 character passcode, I have tried my Phone Pin and my Card Pin but neither work.

I have been using the card for months and never had this happen before.

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It is a passcode you (have) set yourself inside the app. It is the same code you have been using to show your card pin inside the app. Since a couple of upgrades back the app asks for a passcode (or fingerprint if available) when you open the app.


If you can’t remember the code, it works to log out of the app (you can find that option at the bottom of the hamburger menu), because then (after clicking on the magic link you receive by email) you are asked to set a (new) passcode.
Or if you can’t get in the app do a reinstall of the app (also will lead to an email with magic link and the request to set a new passcode).


Thanks, it was a catch 22 situation as I could not renew the code because it wanted the original code to do it.
The solution was to use the Fingerprint recognition ( which I normally don’t have set because it’s crap) to gain access then renew the passcode.

You’re welcome.

Logging out of the Curve app or a reinstall of the app would have taken you out of the catch 22 situation.

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