My bank denies payments through Curve


One of banks which I use started to deny payments to Curve.
The bank is Home Credit Bank in Russia (
(I permanently live in EU, but I’m Russian, this is why I have a card of Russian bank)

I contacted them about the problem and they said that operations are blocked because of their protection systems. And they can not allow all operations to Curve because Curve sends different “terminalowner” with each operation.

OK, I understand that most likely I just should not use that bank because looks like they even can not tune their own systems, machines defeated them :slight_smile:

But the bank has some profitable features, so if it is possible to force them to work normally then I prefer to continue to work with them.

So, the question is: could Curve somehow force them to accept payments? Maybe they break the rules of Visa/MasterCard and Curve can make a complaint through payment system?

How is your Hungarian? Looks like in the topic below something similar is going on with Erste bank:

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As I understand, Erste bank denies transactions because Curve acts as an online-store but does not use 3D-Secure (Verified by Visa/Mastercard SecureCode).

Yes, it may be related with my case, because, when I try to re-add the card of my bank to Curve, Curve makes two transactions:

  1. “CRV*Card verification” with 3D-Secure and this transaction is fine
  2. “CRV*C-ABC123 from Curve” (where ABC123 - unique code) without 3D-Secure and this transaction is blocked

(I tried to re-add the card only after it started to deny any transaction)

So, it looks like that missing of 3D-Secure is a main reason to block Curve transactions.

That’s also my understanding.
But it would be very unpractical for Curve to use 3DS on each transaction. Imagine oneself buying something in a physical store, standing at the counter the people behind you in line wouldn’t be happy if one needs to do a 3DS verification first.

Luckily most banks treat a Curve transaction like some sort of subscription payment. One gives permission once and after that Curve can take different amounts from the underlying card, originating from the first permission one already has given, so not needing a (3DS) verification for every subsequent transaction.


My bank treat Curve as a subscription service
Like Netflix

You dont have to accept Netflix payment every month
Or bills, like phone, internet

More and more banks do the same in Hungary. Simple Pay service by OTP Bank does the same, and as a lot of service providers use Simple Pay as their online payment system when you want to pay your utility bills, insurance, etc. your payment with Curve is declined. Arghhhhh… I wonder whether any solution will be worked out…