My card is not working!

Hi, i have a problem with curve. From the very beginning, the card does not work at all, nor do I want to add to apple pay, nor do I want to be ordered as a physical card. All I can do is send money. Nowhere can I pay with the card, not even on the internet. I am asking for a quick reply, because it is beyond comprehension. What can I do with this?:frowning:

This is a user community, so we don’t have access to your account. Please contact Curve support directly by email

Why? They will do nothing but template responses, they are very weak.


Just telling that we (the community) are unable to help. If someone should be able to help it’s Curve support.

What would have been your suggestion? Just give up?


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okeyyyy boys, so what I should do?

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Im sorry, but this is not answer for my question:)

This is a joke or what?

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Wait for their response in email

Unfortunately, that’s how they work. :frowning:

Hey there @cieplv,

We can see from the photos you’ve sent that our team are looking into this for you. Please be reassured that if they’re still looking into the issue then it’s because they’re working to provide you with a better answer and will be in touch soon with this!

Im sorry, im banner for what? :slightly_smiling_face: AND MY BIRTHDAY IS NOT CORRECT
And where is my 20£?:slight_smile:
whats a shame XD

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Something is wrong here

In German, there is a saying “As one calls into the forest, so it resounds out”. This saying means something like: The way you treat someone is the way they react to you.

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only 19?

How old were you when you registered?

If you registered before March, there’s a problem, but if after that, Curve can’t count.

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