My Curve Cash is not working?

I am currently in Spain and I am trying to use my 15 GBP Curve Cash balance that I recently got. Every time I try to pass my Curve Cash (either inserting the chip, using contacless, Mag Swipe) my card would fail. It doesn’t matter in what establishment i try to use it, it fails.

My other own cards added to my Curve Blue work fine, even in transactions when I select Curve Cash on the app and insert the card into a terminal and put the correct pin and it says correct pin it declines the transaction. So I have 15 pounds hostage :frowning:

Any idea? Has any of this happen to anyone? The curve cash amount is in pounds and my transactions are in EUR, could be that??

I already activate and done several Curve transactions with my credit cards on my Curve and al fine, what I don’t see to get working is the Curve Cash… even if I am trying small transactions like 5 Euro…

I have never seen this before, can you change the Curve Cash Currency.
[Edit: I have just checked and there is no option to change the Curve Cash Currency]

Best Advise: I would probably recommend speaking to Curve in the app. It might be an unknown issue on their end

Hey @Deuter, this shouldn’t be the case! Could you pop our support team a message at They’ll be able to look over your account for you :slight_smile: