My curve experience



I’m reasonably new here. I want to like curve. I even considered to upgrade to black or metal, but there are loads of flaws and these are currently holding me back from upgrading.

  1. Apple Pay - a biggie . Why is not in place yet ?
  2. Customer service - in my experience it takes them way to long to respond . My question is outstanding for more than a week and a half
  3. Clarity - In the app is not clear how long you get for example the 1% cash back on the blue card and when it starts.
  4. Flux - flux doesn’t work with Curve yet. They advised that they are in conversation…
  5. Transactions take much longer to clear through Curve in my experience - for example fuel.
    I think to charge 12.99/ month you have to get everything right first…

Hey @Ancallimon!

I’ll my best to answer your questions here.

  1. We’re working on Apple Pay, and hoping it’ll be here before the year’s end, however we’re also depending on partners so can’t confirm a timeline yet!
  2. We’ve received a lot of queries recently so it’s taking us a bit longer to reply, we will get back to you without a doubt!
  3. You get 90 days with the Blue card, it should say this with your Curve cash card
  4. Something we’ll look into for sure!
  5. There shouldn’t any delay in transactions. With Fuel, you’ll been charged a higher amount because automated petrol pumps automatically charge you (and us) the full amount that you can buy (usually €99) and then the cost is adjusted later for the amount you actually used.

Let us know if you have any further questions :smiley:

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Hi Jake,

Thanks for all this.
A few notes:
3. On iOS it’s not clear on the main membership page that the Blue cash back is only for 90 days. Also not clear that it starts counting down as soon as you sign up. Doesn’t wait until you set up merchants.
5. My Asda fuel pump authorised £1, but it cleared a lot later than it normally does without Curve. When it cleared it split itself into two transactions. So I had the £1 Asda fuel, and then the full amount minus £1 Asda fuel as a separate transaction.


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Oh man, the cashback thing has me so confused.

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When did it start being accepted at fuel pumps? I tried a couple of weeks ago and it said my card wasn’t accepted (as usual).

I think it works for Asda, and it doesn’t work in Tesco at the pump , but works if you pay at the kiosk :blush:

:joy: that’s my best explanation I’m afraid :joy:

I honestly do not know where to start. Am I stupid?? (Good Place reference…)

Ah that explains it - thanks! :grin: