My Ideas to Better Curve

Hey, guys here are some quick ideas I had that I feel would be great if curve had. Feel free to give your opinion on some and add others if you have any.

  • Similar to Yolt, be able to see your account balances all in one app
  • Be able to have a specific card used at specific merchants. This could be with an automatic connection with loyalty cards
  • If you pay at a specific merchant it automatically collects points
  • I know a similar feature is coming. But be able to split up your transactions into different cards rather than just one.
  • Add a crypto wallet to spend you crypto
  • More discounts/perks for free members (help to increase the number of members using curve) (or investors)
  • Similar to the paid versions, but have ONE merchant that you can always get a discount on. (Could be from a choice or your own)
  • Ability to choose a card and if it doesn’t have enough use a different card or charge the difference to another card.
  • Ability to choose a card based on specific currencies (so if you have multiple different cards with different currencies it will pay with the right one instead of having to change the card manually)

Great to see all these ideas, but I’ve moved this to general chat as it’s difficult for people to vote when the post has multiple different concepts in it - some of these are also already existing ideas (e.g., Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules and Crypto coin wallets/spending) so it might be best adding to them or adding new ones for any particular concepts that aren’t covered.


This is very complicated. As far as I know, how open banking is supported is very country-dependent, so Curve’s implementation of it would either be UK-only or extremely complicated to manage.

I already commented on this in the Ideas post, but this may cause a lot of problems for us who live in countries where crypto is treated as stocks but harder to justify. I guess it depends on implementation, but I’d prefer Curve not bothering and just sticking to government-approved fiat currencies.


it will be nice to have possibility to turn on priority of founds (i mean curve try to get money from first card, when there is no avaible founds than curve try to use second card) and MCC numbers must be visible in transaction details.


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Some of these seem to have already been covered in the Community as mentioned before. Feel free to vote on each of them!

Vote here: Display current card balance

For those ideas which haven’t been proposed before, you can start a new thread in the Ideas category. This lets other people vote on them. Ideas that have the most votes get more attention from the team.