My last day with Curve Metal

I’ve been using the shiny blue metal card for a bit over 6 months (I believe I was one of the first customers who got one), during this time I’ve used LoungeKey once and earned about 40£ in cashback. Yesterday I’ve downgraded to Curve Blue, because I’ve lost my faith in the project.

Back in May 2019 I’ve created a topic where I’ve asked Curve, basically, to be more open and honest. In the response, now Curve publishes monthly-updates, but hey, what exactly they’ve done in the last 6 months? Let’s dive in…

  1. Lounge Key was released few days before first monthly update, but let’s count it in as well
  2. Curve Cash was finally released, hooray! But you have to choose wisely, because there is still no way to change the merchants list…
  3. Redesigned “profile” in the app
  4. Participation in Beta is now open
  5. Improved onboarding process
  6. Beta-version of Peer-to-Peer payments with Curve Cash

Seems like that’s it. I saw 2 useful things for me: LoungeKey, CashBack… and maybe insurance. The LoungeKey pricing was suddenly increased few days back. Now more interesting part, let’s take a look on the TOP10 of Ideas section of this community, the list which the real customers are interested in and would like it to be implemented:

  1. Apple/Google/X-pay, technically it’s not in the Ideas list, but we’re still waiting for it for infinite amount of time
  2. Fingerprint Card, 136 votes
  3. 3DS or some alternative, 65 votes. Users can’t use the card for online payments anywhere they like, what could be more important for Pete’s sake?!
  4. Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules, 64 votes
  5. BLACK color metal card, 59 votes
  6. Make Curve FX free limit visible in-app, 41 votes
  7. Change card PIN using Curve app, 41 votes
  8. Switch cards using Today View widget or Force Touch - iOS, 39 votes
  9. Feature for a Joint Curve account, 38 votes
  10. Curve Split!, 37 votes
  11. Support for Multi-Currency Cards, 37 votes

There are a lot of interesting ideas, which could make customers happier and bring more money for the project. And yet instead we have quite a controversial rebranding. Or, again, the team working on “virtual card” which is not actually a virtual card, but just a “digital copy of your card”. Soo… I don’t see any progress with features which are useful for me, or any of my friends, hence no reasons for me be naive and pay 15£ each month hoping that on someday it’ll worth it.

P.S. I have an interesting quote about the roadmap, which we used to have:


I’m sticking with Metal for another six months in the hope that things progress. I have used the card a lot, very successfully, I like that I can use it with my EUR business card. I am still holding my breath over AMEX.

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@andrey_yantsen couldn’t agree with you more.

The decision making that goes on at Curve appears to be based on nothing but making money with no consideration to or care for their customers:

Removing black tier - created legacy black after backlash.

Legacy black (one off paid tier) not getting Apple Pay but free blue is - later changed stance after backlash.

Having known about lounge key price change someone must have chosen not to inform customers at that time.

Introducing features that benefit a small number of customers over others that will benefit the majority.

Allowing legacy black customers to get black tier free for life, but if the invest over £1,000k in the company and get free metal for a year they can’t go back to black tier for free.

Metal card holders who invest less than £1,000k must have a plastic card if they want it to say “investor”.

Choosing not to prioritise 3DS over a rebrand then trying to bullsh*t us with comments like marketing people don’t do dev work. We’re not stupid, marketing (including the people doing it) cost a lot of money. That money could have been used to put more dev’s into giving what customers actually need to use their card.

Apple/Google pay is just a joke…they say there is a lot involved including dealing with 3rd parties but if they had actually started working on when they originally said they would we might have had it by now.

Customer service response times are shocking and they expect customers to accept that because they are very busy at the moment. That is of their own doing by bringing out changes that cause nothing but problems and their constant drive to get more customers (which I understand) without ensuring they have the infrastructure and right number of people to deal with it.

Amex, say no more…

I could go on and on but you get the picture. I have never ever experienced a company that makes so many mistakes (IMO) and doesn’t seem to learn from them. I have no doubt Curve has great people working for the company and that they do a great job with what is put in front of them but again imo there are clearly issues with how decisions are made and how the company is run.

I hardly ever use my curve card now and I am just counting down the days (approx half a month) until I can downgrade to Blue from Metal. Apart from one card for all cards (which even that has issues so you need to carry spares :roll_eyes:) personally I see no benefit in using Curve anymore. I (and I’m sure most Curve customers if they looked into it) can get better cashback with other cards, better insurance for less, cheaper lounge access, can link all accounts/cards to a 3rd party service for spend tracking etc. which is far superior to what Curve provides, less issues with refunds…in fact the only thing I would miss is GBIT which really isn’t the end of the world. Of course I get that with free blue anyway. I do see the benefit of having all of this in one which will appeal to customers and thus I’m sure Curve will be successful despite all the problems but for me there needs to be big changes before I would consider giving them any more of my money.


This post is a perfect summary of how I feel about Curve and its a shame as many of these issues have been avoidable. I would add that that doing a re-brand while their are still many issues and key features missing is another mistake.


Thanks for adding this summary - it’s pretty shocking when it’s all laid out like this.

I think the focus on the re-brand is being pushed and will probably work in driving more customers to use Curve, however I think sadly once issues arise for those new customers they will no doubt be joining the ranks here on the forum to vent frustration like the rest of us.

The new customers that join will probably all say they wished they’d checked this forum before joining, alas that’s not going to happen really is it…


Some great and valid posts here. I, too, have become very disappointed with Curve. I’ve stopped carrying it around and just use my Tandem (0.5% cashback on everything) and my Amex.
Need to really up there game. The rebranding instead of focusing on key points that are desperately needed is embarrassing considering they just crowdfunded. I’m glad I didn’t now.

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I was honestly happy with Curve until their last recent customer service chat with them. All because my first name wasn’t my full name, just my shortened name (and in hindsight, should have put my full name down).
They could have just changed it, but nope. Permabanned from using their services.

Good thing I didn’t subscribe to Curve Black/Metal otherwise this would have been a disaster.

Banned for not putting your full name in
That’s wrong, they should have corrected it, and moved on
And told you polite they require your full name in a financial services

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I know it’s explored elsewhere (We are Rebranding!) but it’s not a binary choice between market and other stuff. It’s the quality of the output that matters, surely?

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Technically… it is fraud, so I can see why they did it, but if it’s just a shortened version of your name, it should have been fine…

Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right, somehow… Surely @Dotunmo wasn’t intending to deceive in order to gain from it?

@Dotunmo, are you able to shed any more light on this?

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I don’t know what the actual reason is for them shutting my account, because when I asked Curve about it, they just point to the terms and conditions, which one of the terms says they can shut my account down for any reason.

But what started all this is my wife, who used my card and I thought the transaction was fraud. Told the card issuer, then Curve e-mailed told me I should have come to them first.

During all of that, I told my wife about the fraud. She said she used the Curve card, and in passing I must have told her months ago that she can use it (forgot about it). So I rushed to the card issuer to quickly revert the fraud transaction. They did.

Curve seemed happy that I did that, but then asked for ID verification. That’s when they banned me because they found out I signed up with a short name instead of full.

So you suspected fraud then after you went to your card issuer (which in the help section of the Curve app it clearly says too go to Curve first) then it turned out it wasn’t fraud. Which ok fine. Then after all that they then discover after requesting your ID that name you gave them to sign up with wasn’t technically your name?

Sorry but If I was them I would of done the exact same thing, as there would be a huge question mark over your trustworthiness.

Not saying your deliberately set up to defraud Curve but put yourself in their position for a second. It doesn’t look good.

I’ve been with Curve for almost three years, this is the only time I reported fraud, and I did put my hands up for not putting my full name.

Yes, it was also my mistake that I went to the card issuer first instead of Curve. This is again, first time. I panicked and I didn’t think through properly.

But whatever, what’s done is done.

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Without getting into the forensic detail, I’m surprised the decision is unreservedly permanent-ban, rather than the opportunity to properly unravel and fix the situation.


If he didn’t intend to make a gain, or cause them to make a loss, then technically it is not fraud.


Not only support for Amex, aslo support for Diners Club which has excellent presence in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Switzerland, Czech republic!
Curve need customers from all over the EU not only UK.


Actually technically it is fraud as it could be done to evade Curve’s anti fraud checks. (Probably not in this case mind you.) When added to everything else that happened on top, well I guess it was really bad timing.

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THIS … !!! :expressionless:


Technically it is not fraud.

And you’ve just explained why it’s not fraud! :grin: In order for it to be fraud, there must be intent.

It appears that @Dotunmo used a short name rather than his full name. This is understandable and does not appear to be an attempt to defraud. (If it was, it’s not a very good attempt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

For anyone else who wants to tell me it’s fraud (it’s not), please read the legislation first.

Fraud Act 2006

Section 1 creates a general offence of fraud and introduces three ways of committing it set out in Sections 2, 3 and 4.

  • Fraud by false representation (Section 2);
  • Fraud by failure to disclose information when there is a legal duty to do so (Section 3); and
  • Fraud by abuse of position (Section 4).

In each case:

  • the defendant’s conduct must be dishonest;
  • his/her intention must be to make a gain; or cause a loss or the risk of a loss to another.
  • No gain or loss needs actually to have been made.