My last day with Curve Metal

I was honestly happy with Curve until their last recent customer service chat with them. All because my first name wasn’t my full name, just my shortened name (and in hindsight, should have put my full name down).
They could have just changed it, but nope. Permabanned from using their services.

Good thing I didn’t subscribe to Curve Black/Metal otherwise this would have been a disaster.

Banned for not putting your full name in
That’s wrong, they should have corrected it, and moved on
And told you polite they require your full name in a financial services

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I know it’s explored elsewhere (We are Rebranding!) but it’s not a binary choice between market and other stuff. It’s the quality of the output that matters, surely?

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Technically… it is fraud, so I can see why they did it, but if it’s just a shortened version of your name, it should have been fine…

Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right, somehow… Surely @Dotunmo wasn’t intending to deceive in order to gain from it?

@Dotunmo, are you able to shed any more light on this?

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I don’t know what the actual reason is for them shutting my account, because when I asked Curve about it, they just point to the terms and conditions, which one of the terms says they can shut my account down for any reason.

But what started all this is my wife, who used my card and I thought the transaction was fraud. Told the card issuer, then Curve e-mailed told me I should have come to them first.

During all of that, I told my wife about the fraud. She said she used the Curve card, and in passing I must have told her months ago that she can use it (forgot about it). So I rushed to the card issuer to quickly revert the fraud transaction. They did.

Curve seemed happy that I did that, but then asked for ID verification. That’s when they banned me because they found out I signed up with a short name instead of full.

So you suspected fraud then after you went to your card issuer (which in the help section of the Curve app it clearly says too go to Curve first) then it turned out it wasn’t fraud. Which ok fine. Then after all that they then discover after requesting your ID that name you gave them to sign up with wasn’t technically your name?

Sorry but If I was them I would of done the exact same thing, as there would be a huge question mark over your trustworthiness.

Not saying your deliberately set up to defraud Curve but put yourself in their position for a second. It doesn’t look good.

I’ve been with Curve for almost three years, this is the only time I reported fraud, and I did put my hands up for not putting my full name.

Yes, it was also my mistake that I went to the card issuer first instead of Curve. This is again, first time. I panicked and I didn’t think through properly.

But whatever, what’s done is done.

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Without getting into the forensic detail, I’m surprised the decision is unreservedly permanent-ban, rather than the opportunity to properly unravel and fix the situation.


If he didn’t intend to make a gain, or cause them to make a loss, then technically it is not fraud.


Not only support for Amex, aslo support for Diners Club which has excellent presence in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Switzerland, Czech republic!
Curve need customers from all over the EU not only UK.


Actually technically it is fraud as it could be done to evade Curve’s anti fraud checks. (Probably not in this case mind you.) When added to everything else that happened on top, well I guess it was really bad timing.

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THIS … !!! :expressionless:


Technically it is not fraud.

And you’ve just explained why it’s not fraud! :grin: In order for it to be fraud, there must be intent.

It appears that @Dotunmo used a short name rather than his full name. This is understandable and does not appear to be an attempt to defraud. (If it was, it’s not a very good attempt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

For anyone else who wants to tell me it’s fraud (it’s not), please read the legislation first.

Fraud Act 2006

Section 1 creates a general offence of fraud and introduces three ways of committing it set out in Sections 2, 3 and 4.

  • Fraud by false representation (Section 2);
  • Fraud by failure to disclose information when there is a legal duty to do so (Section 3); and
  • Fraud by abuse of position (Section 4).

In each case:

  • the defendant’s conduct must be dishonest;
  • his/her intention must be to make a gain; or cause a loss or the risk of a loss to another.
  • No gain or loss needs actually to have been made.

Exactly, which is why the course should be to resolve the confusion. From @Dotunmo’s perspective it isn’t a simple case, but nonetheless…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Agree… Have a Curve card as well but basically never use it since neither Amex nor Dinersclub is supported. Curve is useless at that stage…

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Quick question, if having a short name got the account terminated; how did they get the account to start off with, surely this would have come up in the KYC/Identity part of opening an account?


My Curve metal expires in January. Unless Curve pull a showstopper out of the bag, I too will be downgrading to blue. I have used the lounge key once, not touched the insurance and recently joined AMEX, so I’m spending everything on that unless the merchant doesn’t allow it, then I will use curve.

I had really high hopes for Curve, and for me, the rebranding has been a nail in the coffin, confirming that Curves priority is on attracting new customers (and their 6 months / 1 years worth of ‘trial’ subs, and not building on their existing clients enthusiasm.

This is also the reason I wasnt interested in forking out more than £10 when it came to investing.

It’s sad to see a new and really exciting business with such a skewed and, frankly poor business direction.

Fool me once shame on you… can’t fool me twice, I’m switching to blue


Hit the nail on the head… could not resonate with this any more :ok_hand:


Looks like I’ll have one from the top and one from the bottom (of the list) that will do for me. Oh and the bottom one directly goes against what you were saying IE there has to be gain for it to be fraud.

Changing of names is covered by a deed poll or you could simply call yourself the name you want to be known as but anyway I digress.

I did indeed say probably not in this case the key word is probably, not definitely or absolutely but probably. I did also add “When added to evething else that has happened on top, well I guess it was really bad timing.” It’s slightly funny that you did not quote that bit…Selective quoting? Perish the thought!