My last day with Curve Metal

Exactly, which is why the course should be to resolve the confusion. From @Dotunmo’s perspective it isn’t a simple case, but nonetheless…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Agree… Have a Curve card as well but basically never use it since neither Amex nor Dinersclub is supported. Curve is useless at that stage…

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Quick question, if having a short name got the account terminated; how did they get the account to start off with, surely this would have come up in the KYC/Identity part of opening an account?


My Curve metal expires in January. Unless Curve pull a showstopper out of the bag, I too will be downgrading to blue. I have used the lounge key once, not touched the insurance and recently joined AMEX, so I’m spending everything on that unless the merchant doesn’t allow it, then I will use curve.

I had really high hopes for Curve, and for me, the rebranding has been a nail in the coffin, confirming that Curves priority is on attracting new customers (and their 6 months / 1 years worth of ‘trial’ subs, and not building on their existing clients enthusiasm.

This is also the reason I wasnt interested in forking out more than £10 when it came to investing.

It’s sad to see a new and really exciting business with such a skewed and, frankly poor business direction.

Fool me once shame on you… can’t fool me twice, I’m switching to blue


Hit the nail on the head… could not resonate with this any more :ok_hand:


Looks like I’ll have one from the top and one from the bottom (of the list) that will do for me. Oh and the bottom one directly goes against what you were saying IE there has to be gain for it to be fraud.

Changing of names is covered by a deed poll or you could simply call yourself the name you want to be known as but anyway I digress.

I did indeed say probably not in this case the key word is probably, not definitely or absolutely but probably. I did also add “When added to evething else that has happened on top, well I guess it was really bad timing.” It’s slightly funny that you did not quote that bit…Selective quoting? Perish the thought!

Curve don’t want to resolve it. They’ll just point to the T&Cs whenever I ask something. So I gave up with them.

Could be. Maybe they asked for my ID after this for future purposes just in case something in the future comes up.

But yeah, it seems that if you don’t want to get permabanned, don’t ever go to the card issuer if you find a fraudulent transaction made under Curve.

I was being slightly facetious. Yeah that’s what I was talking about the bottom but all 3 of them could all apply really.

I don’t think so as they would of done it there and then instead they left it then asked to see ID and when they did well that was the icing on the cake.

It’s sad all round really as with a bit of understanding the outcome could of been averted but I can understand why Curve did what they did.

Shall we stick to the facts?

It’s not fraud if @dotunmo’s conduct has been honest (which we believe it has).


Fair enough, I didn’t pick up on that and whilst they all have to apply, you are in fact correct that they could in this case. Although unlikely we can’t prove @Dotunmo didn’t act dishonestly with the intention to make a gain (sorry @Dotunmo I’m sure you didn’t :blush:)

Curve however, could and should have really…


We can’t prove it you’re right but some people seem to like arguing that they can…The mad thing is I’m not saying that the OP acted dishonesty as I couldn’t possibly know, I’m simply saying I can understand why that action was taken.


I suspect you’ll accuse me of selective editing but those were your arguments in essence.

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So how about we leave this topic alone now?

It feels like this thread is picking over the remains of @Dotunmo. The question of guilt (or not) doesn’t arise. This is one of our colleagues :slightly_smiling_face:.

Suffice it to say, he’s been denied use of an account. Bit much to ask him to stay on the forum, but I hope you will.


Yeah because of the fact all of the 3 points that YOU raised could apply. I was arguing as to why Curve did what they did but anyway another quote without context…:roll_eyes: You’re making yourself look extremely petty but by all means continue. :blush:

With apologies but you contradicted me and said that:

technically it is fraud.

I say it is not.

The points to prove are facts, not what may theoretically be. It’s about what it actually is not what could apply.

The fact that @dotunmo contacted them when he realised an error (of his wife’s spending) and the fact that the name used was the one he is known by rather than the name on his birth certificate does not prove dishonesty. Quite the contrary.

Therefore the offence of fraud is not made out if the points to prove are not there.

Yes, I shall step out now. I made a contribution to correct a misunderstanding of the legislation by two other contributors.

One of those does not accept the legislation and I have no further desire to debate with someone who is mistaken.


Haha, guys don’t worry I’m not offended if you think there’s a chance of me being dishonest. If this is someone else other than me, then I would thought the same thing. :sweat_smile:

But one of Curve’s terms is that they can shut your account down for any reason. They found a reason (in fact TWO reasons), so they are obligated to shut down my account. Extremely harsh, but it’s a reason.

I really enjoyed using Curve and enjoyed being a Curve fan but obviously those days are gone. I’ll obviously still pop my head around the forums now and again, I mean I’m still a beta tester…from what I can tell, they only blocked my card they didn’t block my entire account. So for features that doesn’t involve using the Curve card physically, I can still use.

And thanks guys. :+1:t5:

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Lol love it!