My Pending Transaction

A transaction failed to go through the self checkout at Tesco, but Curve still processed it and charged on to my credit card. This has been pending for a week now.

I’ve tried messaging support, but as we all know, it’ll be a painful wait!

I need my card refunding before month end. Who or what can I do to reach someone at Curve?!

Once this is resolved, I’m leaving. Shocking service!

Hey there,

could you check in the Curve app if Go Back in Time is available or not?

If its not available then its only an authorization charge and should disappear in the next few days.

If its a charged transaction then wait for a message from the curve support or send @AskCurve on Twitter a message.

Yes, go back in time is available. On Apple Pay, the transaction still shows as pending.

Hey @APB, welcome to the Community! This sometimes happens when it isn’t ‘communicated’ that the transaction failed, so Curve captures the money anyway. Our support team can reverse this for you if you provide them with a decline receipt or screenshot!

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