My thoughts after first month of use

It’s been about a month since I started using the Curve card. Here are my thoughts about its daily use and possible improvements. Some are very small and low-hanging fruit in my opinion…

  1. When sending the transaction’s description from Curve system to underlying card system, a prefix of “CRV*” is always attached. I understand that this is to make it clearer that the original transaction went through Curve, but I would like to have an option to turn this off. So by default, you still attach the prefix, but if a user chooses so in the settings, this prefix is not sent. I would prefer this to have more readable transaction logs/statements on my underlying card. Especially, because every transaction on that card will come through Curve, and this prefix carries no information at all (just eats up 4 characters of description space).

  2. The ability to rename the merchant (locally, per-user). Most of the time, the transaction description includes the name of the merchant, including various LLC, LTD, INC suffixes … Sometimes, the name of the merchant is just jibberish unrelated to the merchant itself. I would like to rename the merchant (for me only, of course), and once i do that, all transactions coming from that merchant should have the custom merchant name in the description.

  3. The ability to assign the default category for each merchant. I’m not sure how you autocategorize merchants now (probably based on the MCC code?), but sometimes this doesn’t map well to the list of user-selectable categories you give us option to choose from. I would like, for example, mark the local petrol merchant to be categorized under “Transportation” by default. Sometimes, I go to petrol station to just buy some takeaway food, at that time I would still manually mark the transaction under “Food and drinks” category, no problem. Just give me the ability to select the default merchant -> category mapping, please.

  4. Expand the list of categories. Right now I’m missing at least “Sport & recreation” (I’m forced to put it under “Shopping”, weird…). I’m also missing “Money transfer” or similar, when moving cash between accounts (I’m forced to use “General” right now.) I would also prefer to have a “Car” category, right now I’m forced to put petrol under “Transportation” (which is weird, because it has a train as an icon- or at least change the icon to a car). “Car” category would be also useful for yearly insurance costs and also yearly car service costs. (Or at least, rename Transaportation into “Car and transportation”). Heck, why do we even have a limited list of categories in the first place? Just allow us to make our own, c’mon.

  5. The ability to automatically select the funding source (card) based on the merchant. So, by default, I would like to have one card where majority of the transactions are funded from, but for a particular merchant (let’s say the one that has its own particular payment card with cashback or other benefits - like petrol merchants in my country) I would like to automatically charge that particular merchant’s card in order to get the their benefits. This also makes any go-back-in-time use unnecessary for this particular purpose.

  6. The ability to automatically draw funds from a secondary card if the primary (actively selected) card is out of funds or gets denied payment. I have already written about this in another thread recently, so I wont repeat my argument here.

Speaking as a developer - most of the above things I find quite easy to implement. I work in fintech myself, and in particular on payment integration services. If your database design is not messed up, it should be quite clear how to do this…


  1. More card background designs or the ability to upload our own. For example, I have two physical cards that are predominantly green in color, but because of limited choices I have to assign green background to only one of them, to not get confused when switching between them.

  2. Metal card offer improvement. I’ve ordered the free card, and as much as I’m tempted to order the metal one (for the sake of being metal), I can’t find a rationale to pay that much for almost no additional benefit. The cashback is limited only to select merchants (WHYYY??), none of which are available in my country (Slovenia). The only useful option for me is Amazon, which is about one or two medium sized purchases per year for me. Travel insurance is useless in this time of Covid, as are the airport lounges. So, there is nothing to go for in the metal card, except the card itself. In the meantime, I found another metal card (offered by Crypto, that gives 2-3% cashback, depending on which tier you go for). Another option would be simply the ability to buy a metal card (with or without any perks on such card, you decide) for a one-off amount of yearly subscription (let’s say 150 euros or so). Just some food for thought…

Don’t get me wrong, I find your product to be extremely useful and I’m happy to use it. Especially since it was free, you can’t beat that. And you could make it much, much more useful still - I have further ideas I have not written here…


This option already exists - if you try to upgrade to Metal tier, it will ask you for type of your payment (monthly/yearly) in one of the steps. :wink:

Maybe I wasn’t clear. I wanted to say that I would be prepared to pay 150 euros once for the metal card. Not every year. Not with the benefits it currently offers.

But I don’t want to get too deep into the discussion about the metal card here, there are already other threads for that. I’m more interested in other usability improvements that I mentioned above.

The system won’t let me edit this to be more “on topic”, but obviously I was responding to this

And this

A similar cashback scheme from Curve would make Metal much more attractive

Hello @samchek,

Thank you for taking the time to write down your feedback. You’re able to vote on the various ideas you’ve mentioned. Please find them below :point_down: :smiley:

Idea: Stop Replacing Merchant Name with CRV* Prefix and Pass On the Original Information like Google Pay

Vote here: Renaming merchants locally

Idea: Option to automatically assign category on past purchases and for future ones

Idea: Custom and/or additional categories

Idea: Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules

Idea: Backup source card

Idea: Better card image submitting process // Personal card images - #11 by Recchan


A lot of your requests are trying to fix a problem with the underlying data (names of merchants, categories etc). Surely it would be better for curve or the actual card issuers to spend time and effort fixing it rather than the curve developers implementing a solution based on some random database you have designed, that masks the underlying problem.

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