My thoughts summed up on latest situation

I once felt Curve was different, it was new,exciting and had really great personal customer service. I now feel it’s no different from other financial institutions that I dislike. Sure it has a great concept but that has lost its appeal since all the Amex thing started. I have been with Curve a few years now, I am part of a Champion group of which I have no idea what that means and quite frankly I feel like cutting my card up and cancelling my account. I have an account with Monzo and their Customer Service is absolutely first class and I have my main account with Lloyd’s and get loads of real benefits for my £27 monthly fee so the subscription model is fairly worthless to me. I really don’t know how many people will take them up in the long term but I would imagine more would with a reasonable Annual Fee. I do accept that Curve need to make money in this difficult sector and that this is the way they feel best suited but it’s been done for years by most banks.

Finally, nobody should have had their account updated automatically, yes if it was an option but no without prior permission.

I feel bad writing this but I feel frustrated with this company now and will put my iPad down and step away slowly.


This. I just cannot believe I have been upgraded without ANY notice, let alone asking for consent. And not just upgraded, but insurance forced upon me which I don’t want. And (presumably) my personal data being passed on to AXA without my consent.

Unbelievable …


Hear hear. I echo your feelings. For a fact, I was talking about this in the new “slack” group.

I am also an early Curve adopter (2016 days) and part of “Champion” group (erstwhile slack). Tbh, I really don’t know why Curve act like this over the last 7-8 months. I absolutely loved the product and the legacy Curve Team - they always had clarity and were swift in resolving things in case of a mix-up. The only hiccup (and a massive one) during those days was the Amex fiasco but then, they handled it gracefully and made the client base feel home.

But over the days, as the firm progressed from a 6-month startup to a 3 yr old company - Curve became more immature and started releasing product updates like a 6-week old startup - no planning or a clear rollout strategy and the product offerings that don’t provide significant value.

A quick look at last week

Benefits changing every other minute

This goes from 6 months to 3 months of free subscription. 30 day GBiT to 14 days and a lot more. No one knows what exactly is going on.

App Update without proper Comms

It’s fundamental for any institution to ONLY release a product after preparing its user base whereas Curve rushed into a release with zero preparation.

App Update with Forced Subscriptions
Where was the user consent obtained for moving to a subscription tier? I agree, it’s free for a few weeks but forcing the user to move to a subscription tier and automated billing (post free period) without explicit consent is definitely not a good practice.

Further signing the user for an insurance policy without CONSENT - I don’t know how this is possible post GDPR. As the information is passed to AXA without the user’s explicit consent. (again i am not a lawyer)

Insurance terms which are cookie cutters

The AXA insurance terms are based on the premise that Curve is a credit card - quoting from insurance terms

These benefits are included with your covered card, the benefits cannot be cancelled separately. If you cancel the covered
card the cover will end and all benefits will stop. Please see your Credit Card agreement for full details of how to cancel the
covered card.

Further the CDW insurance which makes no sense as it require

must be paid for in full with your covered card.

And majority (if not all) of the rental agencies restrict the rentals only to a Credit card.

In short, only curve knows how and why they act like this.


Thank you for the additional points you have raised, I agree with those fully and can only hope that our views are taken as being constructive and useful.


Generally you can pay for the rental with any card and leave the security deposit with a secondary credit card (as long as name matches) - that must be what Curve mean as i doubt many rental stations would accept Curve for the securit deposit…maybe - who knows

I agree with all the points raised. I believe curve has made some wrong choices in handling stuffs within the last few months. They should reflect upon the increase of issue raised. However, as much as i understand that everyone makes mistakes, it is quite saddening that curve does not address them or reply to them. As with this post, it seems like they feel that not replying to it could let them off the hook.

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This forum is a good example of where they’ve gone wrong - lots of deleting posts, “you can’t say that” and relentless positivity, not so hot on answering questions and taking feedback on board.

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I agree with you here, not sure how this can be legal to share personal information to 3rd parties without the user consent.


Not sure what you mean, I’m also just a user but a forum moderator and I can see all deleted posts. I have raised more than a few times my thoughts as constructive criticism but I don’t see any posts from users getting deleted just because they raise their opinion in a critial way. BUT if they insult others or do not respect the code of conduct, their post will get removed.

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Ones I was particularly thinking of was people posting widely known stuff about subscriptions and being told that was only allowed in the beta forum, despite the beta forum only being Amex related at the time.
Marie was busy deleting stuff/telling people to stop posting it - I’m sure there have been others

I have raised a formal complaint about this, so will see what they say.

Fundamentally, though, there are multiple lawful bases for sharing personal data. Consent is just one of them. So it may well be lawful to share personal data without permission.

Well, everyone who joined the beta (me included) received the t&c for the beta. If you do something that is against the t&c of the program you can expect this to be removed.

Off topic: I once took part of Motorola android OS beta. Everyone even had to sign an NDA (non disclose agreement) with penalties up to 10,000$ for violating any of the terms. There you can see how serious this can actually be for just some software beta updates.

Their forum, they can do what they like. It doesn’t make it any less ridiculous - as I said, the info was widely available at the time.

Though any info has a short shelf like around here!

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What exactly is ridiculous to you? That non public information from a closed group got posted into the public section and was removed because that information was not authorized to be shared to the public?

As I’ve said several times, the information was already widely available. King Canute wasn’t trying to set an example to follow.

Things changed a lot post-GDPR. Did you raise a formal complaint with ICO ( ? They are the official body to address data privacy-related concerns in the UK.

Few things to consider under EU -

1. A commercial practice shall be regarded as misleading if, in its factual context, taking account of all its features and circumstances and the limitations of the communication medium, it omits material information that the average consumer needs, according to the context, to take an informed transactional decision and thereby causes or is likely to cause the average consumer to take a transactional decision that he would not have taken otherwise.

2. It shall also be regarded as a misleading omission when, taking account of the matters described in paragraph 1, a trader hides or provides in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely manner such material information as referred to in that paragraph or fails to identify the commercial intent of the commercial practice if not already apparent from the context, and where, in either case, this causes or is likely to cause the average consumer to take a transactional decision that he would not have taken otherwise.

3. Where the medium used to communicate the commercial practice imposes limitations of space or time, these limitations and any measures taken by the trader to make the information available to consumers by other means shall be taken into account in deciding whether information has been omitted.

Before the consumer is bound by the contract or offer, the trader shall seek the express consent of the consumer to any extra payment in addition to the remuneration agreed upon for the trader’s main contractual obligation. If the trader has not obtained the consumer’s express consent but has inferred it by using default options which the consumer is required to reject in order to avoid the additional payment, the consumer shall be entitled to reimbursement of this payment.

I am not a lawyer and I am not insinuating whatever happened is in violation of state regulation. Regardless of whether it is legal or not, I strongly believe this could have been avoided if it was properly planned and not rushed.

As per me, the following happened.

There was a huge outcry on the forum and other sources against the proposed subscriptions & it went beyond what Curve anticipated. We (early slack community) had recommended long back that these proposed subscriptions tiers are of no real value and suggested to be reconsidered. But nobody listened.

Anyways long story short, the dissatisfaction got out of control and Curve agreed to grandfather the current userbase and put a forum post (before running the accurate numbers) to calm the situation. The public post stated “all curve black subscribers before the subscription start date will be grandfathered” - maybe there was a surge of new Black upgrades (or fresh signups) to take advantage of grandfathering. These may have triggered an impulsive decision to go with subscription ASAP without adequate preparation.

Again this is just my theory. ( I may be completely wrong :stuck_out_tongue:)

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I wonder how that fits with GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018…

@lucas Merely sending you the T&C is different to you actively signing an NDA. Also, it could be that some of the terms are unfair under (for example) UCTA, and hence unenforceable.

It is a fairly common misconception that GDPR requires consent for sharing personal data, but under GDPR there are actually 6 lawful bases for processing (including sharing) personal data, and consent is just one of them.

Not yet. I’ve raised a formal complaint with curve and will await their reply before deciding whether to take the matter further.

Without a doubt…

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I’ve used Curve as the only Card on car rental contract, with Avis.

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