N26 and Curve are they in bed together or just copycats?

So looking at N26 they have a free account like curve, then they have a black card, just like curve and then they have a metal card just like, you guessed it just like curve.
So metal cards aren’t exclusive to curve then?
Why is everyone the same?

No, also Revolut offers them and they have also three tiers.

Hi @wmoore ! please let me explain some details , i do have N26 as main account since they have beginning. N26 is a German bank , with a full banking licence, the client has an account with account deposit and a personal IBAN . The Black Metal N26 card is the premium offer, i do have this one, ( three colours were offered Black, silver and rose quartz), and it is a world elite debit card. And no, metal cards aren’t exclusive to Curve, many banks over the world are offering metal cards. Curve, N26, revolut, …etc, aren’t manufacturing the cards, they just design them with more or less chance or good feeling…:slight_smile:
The Curve metal card seems to be a succes in design and construction, ( not available yet for France)… but the N26 metal is a real amazing object too…
Hope this helps ! Pat.

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N26 came up with the idea first out of the three. Then Revolut, then lastly Curve.

I don’t get the metal craze seriously. I don’t give a hoot about a metal card, when we are suppose to be looking forward to a cardless future. If I ever have these metal cards, they’ll be most likely in a draw until I go travelling.

It’s a shame personally that Curve followed the other two with metal. Gives us more cashback, free lounge access and better insurance without the metal card, then you’ll have more subscribers.

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I don’t quite get the comparison - Curve is a different product to N26 (with the latter being a bank).

I definitely don’t get the allure of metal cards, I’m only interested if the added value items is worth it for me and no far none of them offer enough to entice me.

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They’re not copycats or in bed with each other. Would say HSBC and Halifax are copying each other because both are banks and offer credit cards and mortgages?

It’s just what the trend is at the moment for these fintechs. Monzo, Starling, Revolut, N26, Curve all offer a type of financial service via a phone app. Some of these firms have premium paid options. Some offer metal cards.

You can’t compare N26 and Curve.
Yes, they are both fintechs and you mostly access them via app.
But with N26 you HAVE to have a bank account with a credit card linked to it, with Curve you don’t.
And thats the biggest difference.
N26 is not any different than Monzo, Monese, Revolut, bunq,…, the benefits just vary.
But with none of them you can use your original ‘underlying’ cards for purchases, you always have to use their card.

Thats where Curve is unique, it allows you all premium features new fintechs offer, such as (un)locking your card, instant app notifications, 0% fx fees, insights,… but without the need to lose on your underlying cards.
So you can still earn points/miles with your underlying cards or use different cards, if you have more than 1, no matter the reason (shared account, private card, employee card, …)

So no, can’t compare Curve with any of the other products since the use for it is totally different and thats what makes Curve so special (imo) and unique - as far as I know there is not a single other company out there who does that.

There would be no reason for me to use N26, Revolut,… since I’d always have to transfer money to that account and I wouldn’t be able to use my regular cards.
And earning miles on my underlying card is much more important than the few features fintechs offer, so thats why Curve is perfect, combining both segments :slight_smile: