Name on Card

Hi all
I received my Metal today very exciting, what I was a little surprised about was it has put my forename and surname only rather than Mr etc.

Also ideally I would have preferred my first initial and surname, is putting the full name just standard thing or is there a way to change it :slight_smile:

For Curve it’s definitely the standard thing. As (apparently) it is for other FinTechs. I have just checked for you and literally all my FinTech cards have first name last name on it. My three (former) traditional bank cards have initials (of all first names) last name. None of my cards have Mr. on it.

My First Direct (UK) issed bank card has “MR P J surname” on it. This is from an account I’ve held for many years and now you mention it, I would prefer “firstname surname” like I have from Curve, but I’m not going to get them to issue a new card just because of this as I mainly use Apple Pay/Google Pay for card payments and haven’t used my real card in years :+1:

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