Nasty anty-feature to bury (PayPro SA)

This is a complaint and a request to finally sort this out. It pisses me even more I have this problem as I’m Curve Investor.

I have mortgage in another country and I need to pay the instalment in Euro via SEPA wire-transfer. There is a service that helps me with this, but I need to pay money in using debit card. Their card operator is PayPro SA that has license from Polish authorities since 2014 as is well recognized and accepted payment processing company in Poland.

For some bizarre reason, this legal, proven, reliable company is banned by Curve and all transactions through them (even paid via Google Pay) are declined! As the same time I can use my debit card directly an everything goes smoothly. Such behaviour diminishes the sense of Curve card that should let customer handle transactions in the whole world.

Can you talk to KNF (Polish equivalent of FCA) and confirm PayPro SA is not a shady business of any kind and finally unban them??? I’m pretty sure your Polish customers as even more pissed than me if they cannot use their card with them.

Thank you for attention.

Hi, have you tried to contact support using the button in the declined transaction details ? I am sure they will look at your problem.
I have a suspicion you might have hit the Curve Fronted issue that is discussed in this forum but let’s see what the support answer is first.

If you are trying to use a credit card as your underlying card, this will be blocked as Curve will not front payments to financial services institutions using an underlying credit card. This is to stop people using credit cards to pay for other debts, which is generally mandated as not permitted by most banks.

If you are having problems and using a debit card as your underlying card, you need to report this to support using the in app method so that they can investigate. In the Curve App, go to Account > Report a Problem.

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