National Lottery site not compatible with Curve card?

Had added my Curve card to the National Lottery site a while ago but haven’t used it. Went to try and use it and transactions were declined when it went through to the security verification part with MasterCard transactions on the site no matter what bank account I used.

As soon as I switched the card to old bank card it worked so wasn’t the site. Any ideas what was up? Only time I’ve ever had an issue before was when I had tried to use pay at pump in the past

In the Curve terms the following (default) blocked merchant categories can be found:


Dating and escort services

Massage parlours

Inbound teleservices

Automated fuel dispensers

Investment services

Prepaid/ cash services

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Hey @Paisley!

Curve blocks gambling, and also, 3DS verification isn’t a thing at the moment with Curve, so thats maybe why you’ve had issues.

If you speak to the in-app support team, they’ll be able to look at the transaction and give you a heads up on why it’s declined.

Happy Holidays!


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Even if Curve didn’t block it, you’ll often find that the National Lottery itself blocks Curve. Soon after I first got my Curve card in 2016, I tried to use it on the National Lottery web site and it was rejected. When I asked the National Lottery why, they told me that it was because the card was prepaid and commercial, and that prepaid cards are available to under-16s, whereas one needs to be 16 or older to play. However, this argument didn’t hold water, given that non-prepaid debit cards are likewise available to under-16s.

My current Curve card, which is still commercial with a BIN of 5375 91, is immediately rejected by the National Lottery web site when I enter the number, before I even get to the authorisation stage.

The National Lottery refuses to accept credit cards because it doesn’t want players getting into debt in order to play. I therefore questioned why they likewise don’t accept American Express charge cards (which must be paid in full with no option to defer payment and pay interest), and they couldn’t explain that. Therefore I am sure that, if the National Lottery realised that Curve allowed funding to an underlying credit card, it would be a further reason for the National Lottery not to accept it.

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A charge card is still credit, in this case it’s just credit with very strict and expensive terms if you don’t pay within a certain period of time.

No, in law a charge card is not credit. Crucially, charge cards are not governed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and therefore its holders do not enjoy protection under Section 75 of that act.

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Maybe not in law but in practice it’s credit. It’s someone loaning you money for a period time with terms that includes interest (albeit in Amex’s case an extortionate rate) if you don’t pay it back on time.

I agree with your legal point but Amex do offer section 75 protection on charge cards. I have one so I know this 1st hand

However I suspect we’re getting off topic since Curve can’t use Amex.

No card issuer offers Section 75 protection; it is imposed upon them by statute and they would prefer not to suffer such a liability.

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