Nationwide charging cash advance

Just called Nationwide to investigate some declined transactions with Curve and they told me that they were treating my Curve transactions as cash advances.

What’s the point of Curve if I’m going to get charged like this? Opened a support ticket which I’m still waiting on…

If anyone has a similar experience please let me know.

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Hi @Dreamer85 and welcome to the community :wave:

This issue is related to this topic:

And therefore, to this one too:

I’m sorry for what is happening to you and I hope that this already known problem will be resolved soon by Curve.

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Thanks for the reply. At the very least Curve should be placing a big fat warning when adding credit cards if this is common. Took me by surprise I must admit.

Absolutely, Curve should place a warning. This started happening in early July with Virgin cards and around a month later Curve promised an update on the situation through this Community Forum. Three months have now passed, more and more cards are involved, and despite many requests for clarity Curve continue not only to ignore the issue but send promotional emails suggesting that “fee-free” cash withdrawals are possible.

For a FinTech to behave in this way is unbelievable.


Its not common that underlaying banks charge Curve transactions as cash advance.

Curve is passing the original MCC to the underlaying bank, your underlaying cards bank is responsible to detect the MCC and handle it correctly.

You should contact your underlaying cards bank.

Also, moved the post into the correct category.


Actually it seems very common in the UK. Numerous Curve customers have contacted their credit card issuer and have been told that Curve Fronted and cash withdrawals using Curve will now incur fees.

It’s just Curve ignoring all of this and hoping it will go away.