Nectar Connect

Do any of you experts out there know if this will work with Curve?

It looks like it matches on merchant, You have to allow Nectar access to your bank through a 3rd party, I guess like Curve do with Plaid.

As such, Curve isn’t directly supported as it doesn’t allow that functionality (I guess because it’s not a bank)?

Anyway, so you can’t link Curve directly, but you could still link the underlying card. So, ultimately my question is would that work as each transaction is actually from Curve not the specific merchant.

I know I could try it :wink:

I thought I’d ask first rather than letting yet another 3rd party access (as Curve & Plaid haven’t been that successful for me).

Nectar Connect uses Cardlytics for its offers, same company that Curve uses for Curve rewards. I guess they may not be able to track the retailer with the way Curve transactions are registered beginning with CRV.
I think just activate the curve offers (same offers I saw with Nectar connect) and use your Curve card normally

Thanks. No double points from Costa then :wink:

To be honest that’s the only retailer we’d get points from in these lists.

I was just wondering.