Need some volunteers to test a prototype for a new feature

Need some volunteers to test a prototype for a new feature

Hi there! I am a Product Marketing Manager here at Curve. We are working on a new feature and would like to test a prototype and gather some feedback from some of you. If you can spare 15 min, please send me a direct message and I’ll send you the instructions and the link for the prototype. I am looking to get feedback from 15 people or so as soon as possible. Thank you!!


Happy to help out if I can

I’m interested! I make myself available. I sent you a DM.

I’m in…

I already sent you a PM 2 hours ago :slight_smile:

Hi Happy to help if you need it still

Yeah I wouldn’t mind.

Me too! I’d love to

Happy to help, have DM’d you!

I am interested.

Count me in

I’m happy to… pls let me know :+1:

Count on me

Can’t send a direct message, but happy to help

@samantha Can’t PM too but I am volunteer :slight_smile:

Thank you, everyone, you’re amazing for being so engaged! :partying_face:

We’ve got all the feedback we need for now :clap::smile: There will be more opportunities in the future :blush:

Thank you all for showing interest in participating. We’ve now had enough volunteers for this research, but I’ll be sure to post in here any future opportunities.