Negative feedback on Google Play store

I (New Investor) just had a look at the Google play feedback and at the moment curve is getting slated for.

Lack of support

Onboarding issues

Bugs with the latest update.

What’s happening with these issues?


Maybe swap to ios its more stable and works fine here :slight_smile:

My wife joined via my referral and none of her transactions are being logged via the app, she is using IOS and the in app message won’t let her send messages to report the issue either?

I’m not using it just looked at the feedback to see what was what. I have never had an iPhone and never want one LOL

Not too bad?

Not the overall but the feedback about the app

Hey all! We take note of each and every review and deal with each case as they come in, although our average score is good, sometimes the individual reviews can seem more negative.

Customers generally come in with a whole range of issues, but these will hopefully improve once we improve our support which we’re polishing up at the moment. We’re focusing on this as a priority as it’s so essential for us to get down to!

When it comes to onboarding and bugs, we’re keeping an eye on where we need to make things clearer and easier. Unfortunately a lot of reviews come from customers who haven’t reached out to support first and their issues are easily solved! We’re always taking steps to improve volume and quality of reviews without taking away the voice of our customers.

I hope this helps and gives a little more clarity to the situation - basically, we’re working on our reviews and the impact this has!

Please ask your wife to get in touch with our support team by emailing! They’ll be able to take a look at her account and advise further.

May be put something on the onboarding/error message to say please contact us first before putting a review in

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Do you give a review of a restaurant, shop, etc. before or after you have been a customer ? Don’t be surprised, those people who gave bad reviews didn’t use Curve for a long period of time.

And yes, 80% of Curve’s operation is with the application, without it, Curve wouldn’t exist. And like any application, there may be latencies, bugs, etc.

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That’s a great idea! I’ll definitely pass this on to our Product Team, I feel like this would be a great way of informing customers on how to get in touch with support if they’re not sure, too

Do I get any extra shares for it😘

Also give them a quick turn around to get them signed up in a good easy way. May be have an onboaring support address and assign people as required.

It’s no better on iOS if you sort by new in the App Store.

Curve need to get it together as they scale, lack of customer support will drive people from the platform.

Also I love when people say they don’t have an iPhone like they’re off the grid or a maverick.

Overpriced and over rated and always have been right back to the clone v apple Mac days in my opinion. They were only ever used mainstream for dtp work and the pc clones were the cheaper more versatile hardware. Still was about 2k back then for a top end pc setup. The iPod paved the way for and apple boom into phones. I’m not interested in a closed eco system. Open systems are better like open banking for instance😉

Concur with some of the comments here, am a second time investor who is getting frustrated by poor operational delivery focus - much better experience via my Revolut and Starling accounts, this needs sorting.

Agree there this is my first curve round… I have put in vitras first round though. I wasn’t on crowdcube early enough for starling and revolute. I managed to get in on coconut second and third. Put into tipjar who did really well through covid and just putting in again as they are opening up the US market and should make a killing.

I spread across 24 companies over the last 12 month