New account: Card shipment, Verify Code


I have ordered last night a Curve blue. After around 2 hours the status changed to shipped…

But, we all know, today many things happend…

Is my card realy on the way or maybe, in the worst case, the shipment was cancelled now?
And one of my cards (A1 Visa - Austria) was debited with the confirmation code.
Now i am ready to insert the code - when it’s possible to insert the code the debit of the verification amout was succesfull? A1 Visa Card has a very bad online account and i see debits often 2-3 days delayed.

Why i asked it is that i would like know when Curve is back online i can use it instantly or mayby something can goes delayed (eg new cards will ship delayed etc).

And i hope Apple Pay works directly after Curve is back online :slight_smile: This was the reason that i make an account at curve - boon is death - so i hope i found in Curve my new Partner with Apple Pay :slight_smile: !

Thanx! (and sorry my english is not the best)

I ordered a replacement metal investor card 3 days ago.
I asked the support if I still receive the card due to the issue with Wirecard and this is the response:

Your Curve card and all associated Curve transaction and money transfer services have been temporarily suspended with immediate effect. Please be assured, we expect to be up and running again shortly but it may take a few days. Your money and card details held at Curve are safe and secure.

As such, we’re unable to issue cards at this time.

This has happened because the Financial Conduct Authority has this morning suspended its permission for Wirecard Card Solutions Limited (the company who currently issues Curve Cards) to operate, without prior notice. This action is not related to Curve - but Curve currently depends on Wirecard for access to the card schemes.

A full statement from the FCA can be read here.

Please let me assure you that we’re working hard to get all our services back up and running, but for now, please use an alternative payment method. You can check out our community post here, plus keep up to date with any developments by following our blog post here.

They are unable to issue cards at the moment.

I understand that new card issuing is at the moment impossible. But in my case the card must be allready issued - i can activate my card in the app - so the card number has been generated in the night befor the system goes offline.
I think repalcement cards also have to activated in the app? When you not able to activate the new card, the new card is not yet issued.

But in my case is the card is allready issued (otherwise i don’t can’t active the card in the app, or?) - but i don’t know Curve will stop the production and/or the shipment of allready issued cards or not…

I’m in the same boat and have reached out to them. They sent me a canned reply about Wirecard right now and said they will message separately if my query wasn’t about that.

My replacement card was ordered 2-3 days back and I can activate it in the app, so I’m hoping it’s on the way.

I’ll update here in case I hear more.

Thank you for info!

I also will write here when i hear something new!

Just to update, I received my card yesterday and it’s all good. Seems like it did get shipped out before all this.

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Thank vseera!

My card arrived today- activation works fine.
Also my confirmation number is arrived (Visa).

And Apple Pay works! But i had to activate the card manually (open Wallet and add the card) - activate Apple Pay via Curve App ends in an error at me…

So all works fine - and now we know: All cards they shipped befor Wirecard going down were really shipped - beacause i ordered my card only hours befor the shutdown.

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