New app. transactions does not appear

Hello everybody !
I’ve just downloaded the last update. First, the logo on my smartphone was “curve Beta”…and after one hour using, this is now the previous logo…I think i cannot have the Beta here in France…
Well, the new app is running, but the transactions does not appear every time, under the selected card…
The Timeline is ok, all transactions are listed, but when I tap to select a card, nothing under but just the total for the month. If i quit the app and i come back a few minutes after, it’s ok , the transactions appear. But maybe not the next time…
Could you fix it ? Thanx !

Curve has changed the user interface from the previous public version. Under wallet you can only see “recent transactions” for the selected card, to see all transactions you need to click on timeline - which will show all transaction (but also includes all transactions from other cards)

Ah, ok. understood.

But Lucas, i do have an issue now !

I cannot access the app ! My phone bugged a few minutes ago and the curve app crashed down.

Well, i have uninstalled it , and downloaded it again.

But now, I cannot pass out the first screen saying " we sent you the magic link by e_mail…". the e_mail comes on my mobile phone very later !! !

I find it on my computer, yes, but not on my phone !

And when the mail is finally on my phone, the link is out of date !!!

Could you help , please ?


If you receive the email on your computer but not on your phone, thats not a bug with the Curve app but with your email client on your phone. So in order to login with the magic link you need to fix your email app on your phone to receive the email the same time you see in on your computer.

Ok, a question please : could i use another e-mail address just for that magic link ?
I do have on my phone another professional address which is running very fast today .
Just one time.

No, you need to use the same email address to login to the same Curve account.

ok. thanx a lot for help.
I try to fix the client mail issue on my mobile phone.

Issue re email clarified and appears to be resolved.