New Appointments to the Curve Board

New Appointments to the Curve Board

You may have seen the news that we have recently made two new amazing appointments to the Curve board.

Cuong Do - former President of the Samsung Global Strategy Group - has been warmly welcomed as an independent Board director. Alongside Cuong we have named CreditEase investment leader and former Citi chief, Anju Patwardhan, as non-executive director.

What does this announcement mean for Curve as business?

As we embark on an ambitious growth drive we are entering the unknown. This means that we will require some guidance as we navigate our way through new challenges.

Both Anju and Cuong bring decades of experience to Curve in strategic planning, international expansion and product innovation. Incorporating the knowledge of the industry’s finest minds into our already disruptive repertoire will give Curve an ever more competitive edge as we pursue our mission of bringing banking to the cloud.

We want to take Curve global. To do that we need help from people that have been there, done it and have the stamps in their passport. This comes not only from hiring the most exciting talent in the world but also through considered leadership.

What does this annoucement mean for Curve customers?

As we continue to build innovative products, we want to ensure that we deliver them with impact and influence. The customer is at the heart of everything we do at Curve, you may even call it an obsession.

2020 was one of Curve’s most successful years to date. Instead of basking in our own glory, it has only made us more determined. With the power of our $95m Series C raise behind us we are ready to take on the world once more.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support as without the passion and belief of our customers none of this would be possible.


Sounds good. Good luck

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Getting a person from Samsung global Strategy group to Curve board, hopefully helps Curve to get Samsung Pay covered in all EU countries.

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