New Asda credit card problems

I applied for the newly launched credit card card from asda got it a few days later and was able to add it to my curve card and is verified.

The problem started as soon as I attempted a GBIT it refuses saying there has been an error please contact curve support

Has anyone else had this ? Is this another sign that cards are becoming less friendly when it comes to curve.

To clarify the card has been verified I’ve purchased with the Asda card using my pin so its activated so why is it not playing nicely with curve ?

I would be wary using the Asda card with Curve. JaJa work on very tight margins and will potentially block Curve if they see significant txn volumes. Even if they don’t block Curve, txns will probably be excluded from cashback or Asda Pounds.

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Thanks for the reply and I’m not able to use it anyways no transaction will go through so assume similarly to creation they have blocked curve usage on the card.

It’s a shame with asda as my main supermarket shop it would have been useful to get 1.30% cash back with curve while just 1% using the card without curve.

I can see a lot of these cards that offer cash back refusing to accept curve this will hit curve in the long run Creation Amex ja ja to name just a few hmm

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I’m not sure why you think this. The normal Jaja card works fine with Curve.

It is to early to assume this. I would just enjoy the 2% cashback (for the first 2 months) on Asda transactions with their own card and then look again


It does say something along the lines there’s been an error please contact curve cs I’m just reluctant as cs on curve is woeful and i wouldn’t expect a reply anytime soon.

Perhaps its also that its a new card only launched aftew weeks ago and curve might need to update/add something to for it to be compatible ?

Thanks for the reply and advice

The business model for cashback/reward cards has a unique set of challenges. It’s no coincidence most are connected with major travel brands (hotel groups or airlines) or very large retailers (Amazon, Tesco, Nectar, M&S and now Asda). Amex cashback/reward cards survive because of the high merchant fees generated through txns made by customers with a higher net worth than average. But the same high Amex fees alienate many smaller retailers who refuse to accept Amex (or Diners) cards. Chase is a debit card using cashback as a sign-up incentive but also has the backing of JPMorgan.

On the other hand, Tandem tapped the market without having backing from a large retailer and despite two iterations ultimately failed.

It’s now been a week since i brought this up with curve cs via chat with no reply or response the card still doesn’t work with curve but it works perfectly outside of curve.

The only conclusion i can make is that JaJa have blocked curve usage with their card as was mentioned above. The only other possibility is that its a curve problem as its a relatively newly launched credit card maybe they need to do something their side before it can be accepted. I’ll wait to see if i get any response in the next few days if not I’ll contact them via twitter but some are having long waits even when twitter is used,

If JaJa haven’t blocked Curve, it may be a BIN problem. Outdated databases show the BIN as a US dollar denominated credit card. Unfortunately, BIN issues can also result in problems when trying to use the card overseas. I’ve seen this happen to several cards immediately after launching but the good news is that an updated BIN record will eventually propagate to all domestic and non-domestic databases.

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Thanks for the reply I’ll keep checking and hopefully they can resolve it
It’s not a huge problem but its rather annoying.

Can curve update the bin number or will it only be possible over time ie when it propagates to all databases ?

Hi @gadget, Curve will automatically receive the BIN updates through Mastercard, albeit the BIN is actually allocated to Visa. The biggest problem is that retail POS systems often poll these updates infrequently and, in the case of small retailers, as infrequently as once or twice a year! Newer POS systems get push updates, most often over an Internet connection these days.

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