[New Beta Feature] Curve for Apple Watch

Hello everyone, happy new year :tada:

Today we are sharing an early preview of a new feature for Curve: an Apple Watch app :watch:. The watch app will allow you to quickly view your wallet, and change your selected card.

:warning: Current State :warning:

This is an early preview and comes with a disclaimer that there are some bugs (I’ll share some known issues below) but we are excited to get some early feedback from you all before we confirm the direction for this app.

:building_construction: Installing

To get access to the watch you need to install 3.6.1 (8941) which will be shared on testflight shortly. For now not all beta builds will have the watch enabled so the best bet is to turn off automatic updates (once things are a bit more stable we will include the watch on all beta builds and for now we’ll try to keep the watch target in sync with other public betas, for now look out for the app versions with a red icon). You can install the watch target by toggling the “Show App on Apple Watch” switch in testflight, or by installing via the Watch app on your phone.

The current minimum target is watchOS 7.0 which means the app won’t be available to watches with older versions installed

:bug: Known Issues:

  • If you have the watch and phone open at the same time, changes on one device won’t automatically update the UI of the other (this is the next ticket we will work on)
  • Sometimes card images can fail to fetch and you’ll see a placeholder background
  • We are missing some error handling so sometimes fetching your wallet or changing a selected card may fail “silently”

:mega: How can I give feedback?

You can post your feedback in this thread below and we will try to give you a response as soon as possible. We’re interested in both bug reports and any thoughts you have as Apple watch users on what you’d expect from the Curve app

Thanks all! Your feedback is essential for us to keep improving this feature!


Seems to work pretty well!

Any plans for timeline?

Using an Apple Watch SE - OS 7.2 with an Iphone 11 - iOS 14.3
Unable to change the payment card from the watch.
Unable to see any account details or timeline
Changes made on the iPhone are visible almost immediately on the watch.

Update - After forcing the apps closed on both the watch and the phone it is now possible to change the payment card via the watch. Although need to close and re-open the app on the phone for it show the change.

There is a delay in the launch of the app on the watch.

I’ve opened the app on my Apple Watch but it just displays the message: “Fetching Wallet”

Same here, stays on “Fetching Wallet”

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Have you tried force quitting the app on the watch and iPhone?

So its just shows cards pretty much lame though cant do nothing them

Yes, I’ve tried to force quit on both but still not working.

Mine just states the same - “fetching wallet”.

I’ve force closed both a few times and nothing changes. What is with the Orange Curve logo for the phone app as well?

it only shows cards

Thanks for the quick feedback! we’ll take a look at the fetching wallet bug. Does it change things if you have the curve app open on the phone while opening the watch app?

@JoshuaBoots we use the red logo as a warning that this build is not ready to submit to the app store, since testflight and app store use the same build list and we don’t want to share this with everyone just yet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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No current plans for timeline but mainly because we are aware that the UX of the watch needs to be fairly simple, with most info available at a glance. We were considering something simple like showing your last transaction but for now the focus is to work on this simple core to the point its stable and iterate

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Yes i did both

No, I tried this also to see if it ‘pushed’ the watch to respond, but it didn’t.

Noted on the app colour. Thought we were about to go through another rebrand on the colour all of a sudden for 2021…

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Haven’t tried it out properly but flicking through cards on my watch seems to be working great. I think the natural progress for this would be to have a watch complication which shows the currently selected card, and quick access to the app to change the card. Would make it very helpful to check your wrist to confirm the right card is selected before you pay with it. But for the first beta build, looks great!


I’m starting to feel jealous now, missing out… :laughing:

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Is there a way to have the curve App as a complication to add it to the watch Home Screen?


For me the Curve Watch App installed itself automatically.

Crash as soon as I try to open the app :grimacing:
On Apple Watch serie 3

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Just tested and seems to work nicely with Apple Watch Series 6.