[New Beta Feature] Curve for Apple Watch

Works perfect with apple watch series 6

Thanks for the feedback everyone, really appreciate it.

@Danhooper and @mbj00 a complication is the next thing I had in mind, though we haven’t figured out the UX for this yet. I use the infograph watch face with lots of complications and would be keen to get curve on there. We first need to figure out what we would display especially on the smaller sizes (e.g. we could show the image of the current card?)

Image of the current card would be decent. I still can’t test as I’m still getting the ‘fetching wallet’ message. I am on Series4 Watch 7.2 WatchOS

Excuse my handiwork as I’m at work at the moment, but this is along the lines of what I was thinking, based on the reminders complication. Small icon and name of selected card with a quick access tap to access the app


Seems to be working OK on iPhone 12 Mini/Apple Watch 5 both on latest versions of software.

Can successfully change cards on both watch and phone with changes duly updated on the alternate device without issue.

It would be good going forward if you could consider including the current default card visible in watch faces.

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We’re working through some open banking improvements this week, but next chance I get I’ll add some better error handling to help track this down

@Mattia did you see a prompt to share crash reports with the dev? I don’t see any reports in testflight yet, but will investigate

Ehi, there is no prompt to share. I’ll try to do some tests and keep you updated.

Thanks Sam. I am trying every other hour (when I get a moment to breathe) and still nothing changes. Force close both the app on the phone and watch to be sure.

Excellent feature. Changing cards was always an annoying feature. Force touch would be nice but this will work.


Surely it just needs the curve logo. Current card image will look scruffy if you ask me.

Hello @Curve_Sam,
the problem continues to persist. I also re-installed the app. How to report it on Apple Watch? There is no prompt.

ITS ALIVE!!! Looks spot on and worked by changing selected card. Just be good to add the complication part if we can!

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Ok, so I’ve played about, but not yet used on a live change JUST before a transaction yet (but gives me an excuse to online shop in a moment!). I’ve had a couple of incidents whereby I select the card (cash card in this instance) on the watch. This is reflected on the phone app. Look back at the watch and it’s reversed back to the original card that was selected, BUT remained on the cash card within the phone app. That’s the only issue I’ve picked up so far.

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I’m not in the beta program, but I’m glad you are working on the Apple Watch application.

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This is a great new feature. Have had a play around and seems to work for me. As others have mentioned current card as a complication is a really good idea. Thanks.


@Mattia I need to investigate this, I was mainly wondering it the watch would suggest sending feedback because it is installed via testflight. I have a theory about the source of the crash though so have something to try either way

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Same for me on Watch 3 with Watch OS 7.2. App installs, but it’s not possible to open it, just crashes.


this is really useful, yesterday I saw a thread about a crash which only affects watch apps running on the S3 or SE so I will try the workaround they suggested in the next build

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Does anyone have any screenshots of this. Im not a Curve customer anymore as of Summer 20 but this feature sounds absolutely amazing. Can you change the active card from the watchface?