[New Beta Feature] Curve for Apple Watch

@jamesj015 I don’t have a nice recording but this is a quick demo I made to share with the team while working on this code

There isn’t any access from the watch face (a complication) but the process here would be similar: you’d tap the complication and see the wallet view where you could change cards

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Hey @Curve_Sam :wave:
That interface looks boss, really good for a first release, looks like its going to be a breeze to maintain this app. Something interesting to keep you busy would be maybe looking at using Siri to change the card.


You could have a in app toggle for the complication to either “Open Curve App” or “Cycle Cards”
so users can choose a different payment card by just a quick tap!

However if you cant change the card via the complication by tapping it then you could add Siri Shortcuts so for example “Hey Siri, Change my curve card to Natwest”.

It might be more complicated and probably wont add any benefit but i just get these ideas in my brain :joy:. Ill leave my thoughts there now

@Curve_Sam the watch is still opening but it’s now refusing to allow me to switch cards from the watch. I select the one I want and then it goes back to the card originally selected. When I change the card within the phone app, this is reflected on the watch, so not sure what is going on…

I’ve also just had the new TestFlight roll out and got the below and the app deleted from the watch…

Hey @JoshuaBoots! We are still proceeding with normal weekly beta updates that don’t include Apple Watch target (yet!), so if you want to keep testing that - downgrade (click on app in testflight -> previous builds) :slight_smile:

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Hey @Magda I hope you are keeping well. This makes sense, just thought I would check! Thanks for letting me know.

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I found this pretty useful bearing in mind the current restrictions with wearing face coverings. It’s easier to change the underlying card on the watch than the phone. Took sometime to synchronise when first loaded but changing the card on the watch also resulted in a change on the phone.

Not sure if this is useful as I can just swipe through my cards using the standard apple watch app !

It would be nice to have such application on WearOS too. Fast selecting active cards like in Google Pay would be nice.

After update to new beta 3.6.1 (9131) not show Curve app on AW 6.

Ehi! Check this :eyes:

I created a build matching this new beta with the watch target included, i’m just sharing it now, use build 9143 to keep the watch (the phone app is the same as the 9131 beta)

The only change I’ve made to this build is to fix the crash that is affecting S3 users (but I don’t have a S3 device to test on so would love feedback on that :raised_hands: )

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Hello @Curve_Sam,
Now still working :grinning: thank you

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Apple watch series 3
With the previous update it was crashing as Mattia
Now it remains ‘’fetching wallet’’. Tried to forced close/reopen, opening with the phone app bit nothing

Morning @Curve_Sam, I’ve jut updated to that Beta release, the watch app is back, but I am now back to square one with it just stuck on ‘fetching wallet’

whats point app watch can only see my cards dont do nothing

In new beta 9143 i cannot change underlying card on AW6. Long touch not work.

Thanks for the heads up everyone, its strange as I didn’t change anything about the fetching of the wallet here. I’m working on some new open banking features this week, but by the end of the week i’m hoping to add some better error handling so we can understand why the wallet can’t be fetched or cards can’t be selected

Hi! Now the curve app on the iPhone doesn’t allow to add other card in Balance/My Money


Please make it compatible with older watchOSs and older Apple watches!