[New Beta Feature] Curve for Apple Watch

Soo, i’m a Betatester too now.

Feedback on AW5:
here switching works great on 9143 - though initial fetch took a bit long.

On my Watch 3, it now works, too, without any problems. Thanks!

@pedro.santinhos we had to take a few shortcuts to get something out quickly (the UI component we use is available from watchOS 7) but once the logic is sorted we have the option of building more compatible UI

Which watchOS version / device do you have?

@Gabriel this is probably unrelated but I can take a look if you let me know the bank you are trying to add and at what point the error happens

Hi Sam,
So it dosent let select any other bank. I wanted to select Metro Bankimage0.jpeg

Kind regards,
Gabriel Baluta

Thank you for your answer.

From a tecnical point-of-view, all watchOS versions can be supported. This app shouldn’t necessarily use too much of wathOS builtin tech. But I understand the shortcuts for UI devel. Hope you’re tearing it down afterwards!

I’m stuck with watchOS 6.3 on apple Watch series 2.

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@Gabriel would you be able to take a screenshot and share feedback via testflight? This will give me some more info about version, OS etc (you can mask that screenshot as well)

I found the Metro Bank but I have some issues to connect, but I need to see that with the bank. Thank you for the help.have great shift

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Cool, let me know if the bank raises any issues. We can ask Plaid (our open banking provider) to help debug as well