New card activated, declined

Hey there, I am a Curve France user. Upgraded to curve metal 2 months ago, yet only activated my metal card just now as the old card expires in July. Yet I found my new metal card can’t make any transaction…and curve app doesn’t show any transaction declined either. Any idea? Thanks!

Strange, I would suggest you to contact them to twitter and hope that as it’s an urgent issue they will solve it fast

Hello @hstk007,

did you try to make a chip&pin payment?
This usually activates the card.


Hey, good thought! Weird because I got my old card before and I used it without any problem. And I am traveling outside of the EU now. Not sure if it will also help? Thanks

I would recommend completing a new card activation using a domestic ATM. Some ATM networks don’t do a full handshake with the card issuer when a foreign card is inserted so don’t support card activation. If you are abroad already, try using one of the big name banks with a presence in both countries - Santander or HSBC are usually a good bet.

Total offtopic - but just wanted to say I was in foreign country long time ago (cant remember which one - somewhere in Asia), used my card (not curve) in local ATM, get out some cash and then when I used same atm (or same branch/bank - cant remember) again, when I inserted my card in atm I got greeting in Atm screen, something like “Welcome back, MY NAME HERE”.
I was very surprised… never ever on any atm’s I got such personalization.

Yes, not just curve, with most new cards you need to use the chip and pin first.

Thanks yet I really can’t see my pin in the account details of app

Hi @hstk007 are you using the card itself or through apple pay? I had same issue with upgraded card and was told to delete the card from Apple Pay and re-add and it solved the issue.