New card design requests from within the card profile and automatic update

I find requesting the new card design a bit painful process. Taking a photo, sending email etc. Once requested you never know if and when it was added and unless manually changed - the original generic image remains.

I would like to suggest ability to request new card design from within the card profile in Curve app. It means, that the cards’ BIN will be automatically added, removing any potential typos. The picture taking/upload feature could include ability to make the card number and other details invisible (ideally automatically with ability to manually change blanked out areas).

Once new design is created, it should be automatically updated in the app for the person, who requested the design.

I believe it would simplify the process and make sure, that the requested design is automatically updated as soon as it is made available. What do you reckon?

Even if the card itself wasn’t automatically updated (which I think could involve quite a bit of extra coding), I think it would be good for a courtesy email to be sent to those that suggested/sent in new card images to let them know it was available.