New curve account - google pay

I made a new account …the virtual card has 53759000 bin but I can’t add it contactless to gpay ? Why ?No SMS received …I don’t have a physical card… is that a problem maybe?

Try changing phone your number in Curve app settings
there are two separate fields (country code and rest)
from +123 4567890
to +12 34567890 or +1 234567890

It’s al ready separate like you said… I separated and in google pay option but still only I can use the virtual card for online and contactless with my phone … I haven’t ordered a physical card yet and I don’t know if is that the problem … If it wants to put it in an ATM first

Activation is from Curve app only by entering las for digits from “view card details”.

In Curve app settings (not in Google Pay) move last “country code digit” to right fileld. The number stays same just digit is moved.

Then try adding card to Google Pay.

But I have already connected the card numbers that the app shows me… If I order a physical card this will change my virtual card numbers?I don’t have a real card only the virtual… Then it will activate the contactless option?

If you order phisical card it will be with SAME 16 digits, MM/YY and CVV code.

You do NOT need phisical card for adding it in Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Wena Pay or Fitbit Pay.

If your problem (as you wrote innfirst post) is adding your card to Google Pay and you NOT receiving SMS to confirm contactless payment - so, open Curve app, Acvount tab, top right :bust_in_silhouette: icon, Phone number.

You ohone number is written i two fields decided by |
Move last digit from left to right field.

If your numebr is +234 | 567890
Make it +23 | 4567890

Save the number and go to Google Pay try again making contactless payment registration. Now you, I hope you will receive SMS to finish it.

The number is like the way you say… And the message I receive is this ! I can you it only for online buying and not contactless…I have to communicate with the bank…I send to the support but nothing happened

Hey @Zaxos, It’s best to get in touch with our support team about this so they can check if there’s any issue. You can email them at or send them a DM on Twitter / Facebook!

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