❤️ New Curve App (Concept Redesign)

Hi wonderful people!

We have started working to completely redesign the Curve iOS & Android App.

:heart: Yes, you read right! :heart:

This means you’ll get a new look and feel and and even better user experience.

We just need your help to organise the cool features we have in Curve today, and some amazing speculative concept features, we know you’ll love.

All this using in a really simple online card sorting exercise and 4 questions that will really help us make the app better. Just click on the link below to get started:

[link removed - please note the card sort has now completed]

We recommend you doing this task from a desktop PC/Mac, not from your phone.

Thank you in advance for always helping us improve our products! :sunglasses:

Any doubts, just pop a comment here.

Mr. C.


Very glad to hear the app is getting a redesign. It used to be fairly functional, if pretty bare, but the recent update took a huge dive in terms of usability. I’m excited to see a new design when it arrives. I just hope that when the new design is released it’s far better tested and less buggy than the current version.

I had a quick look at the survey, and there’s just so many things to sort through. I’ll give it a go later, but if you want a lot of responses, I’d suggest cutting the scope of it significantly.

Good luck!


Great exercise, but had to give up. To much hassle on my IPhone even in landscape mode.

Thanks for your feedback.

We found it much easier to perform the test from a web browser on a pc/mac.
We will also narrow the scope on future tests.



I’ve just done it whilst waiting for a pint :metal:


Done! Having read through that list, there’s some interesting ideas.

The whole time I was reading them though, all I could think of was what a monstrosity the app would become if all these things were added into it. Especially when Curve’s track record with launching new features is quite poor.

So other than the groups, my main feedback from this list would be this: please don’t do all these things. Keep it a simple, focused product.

Completed. Although lots to sort I also can see the benefit in listing everything as it forces me to try and work out how to group them together. Another interesting thing would have been to limit how many groups we were allowed to use!

Am not convinced with some of the new features but would echo the calls to try and fix existing UI issues - there was a surprising number of regressions in the beta and it would be nice to have them resolved.

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We are going to keep it simple. We included as many features in the Curve Roadmap as possible to design for scale and make it as future proof as possible.

Thank you for the time and dedication you used to help card sort and feedback to us.

Much appreciated!


Thanks for the feedback. We did an open card sort this time around. In the future we contemplate doing closed and hybrid card sort to get different results. All the comments are well received.

Thanks again for all!


@carlos.wydler Hi Carlos ! When i click on “Finished” to submit my choices, i have the message " please sort all items before submitting" … all my items are in correct way…don’t understand… or maybe it’s monday…:slight_smile: Pat


A bit fiddly to do even on an iPhone XS Max.

Thanks to everyone that made did the card sorting:

[link removed, card sort now complete]

The card sorting link for the App Redesign will close on this Wednesday 27th of February. :heart:

There is still time if you want to help us organise the app to create a better user experience.

ps. We recommend you doing this task from a desktop PC/Mac, not from your phone.


You missed the custom app icons :wink: @carlos.wydler

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Done :slight_smile: great exercise, some neat features in plan!

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Soon. Dann. Soon… :sunglasses:

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Thanks participating Snowdon. :hugs:

I’m so happy, can’t wait to see what people think about how the new app should be organised.


Thank you to everyone who participated. We are super happy!

The current Card Sorting exercise has now been closed.

We’ll be testing more soon to keep on building the best app for you.

Thanks again!



Can’t wait for the redesign and new features. Is there an estimated date for when it will come out and will it roll out with all of the features that was in the sorting exercise or roll out the features bit by bit?

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